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Posted on | May 5, 2011 | 8 Comments

Time to join in the picnic again with Melody over at The House On The Side Of The Hill. Take a visit there to see who else will be at the picnic. I am delighted to have the internet back and be able to join in again!

Emerson is a little bear that was given to me by the children in my class many years ago. We were travelling to the USA and he came with us. He appeared in many photos that were sent back to the class so they could follow our travels.

I have also included some of my favourite bear books. The stories of Corduroy were well loved by our children when they were little. I hope to share them with our grandchildren, too.

8 Responses to Emerson.

  • michelle rag-tag stitchin' says: Emerson is so cute and such a well travelled bear. My daughter is a teacher and she has a bear called Harrison that the children take home and write about and take photos of. He really gets around. The places he gets to go to. LOL! I love your bear books and I'm sure they will be a hit.
  • mistea says: He is a very sweet bear and so well travelled too. Those books look like fun.
  • Briar Rose says: Hi Karen, Emerson is a cute little fellow. We take Bears on trips too, it is a great idea, we have met many other people with their travelling Bears from Australia and Overseas. Cheers R.
  • Lorraine says: He is a love, and must make travelling so much more interesting for the children. Great books.
  • Melody says: How lovely to have a really well traveled little bear on the picnic. I don't know these books, I'll have to try to find a copy. Thanks so much for coming on the picnic today.
  • Bev C says: Hello Karen, Emerson is one well travelled bear. We loved Corduroy books too. Happy days. Bev.xoxo
  • Sheila says: Emerson is a very sweet bear and has many stories to tell the others of his travels . I love those books , have read them to my grandchildren and they are just sweet.
  • Marg H says: He is gorgeous. Looks very loved and lovable. What a sweet bear.

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