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Christmas, Easter And Winter.

That’s a few of the holidays and a season covered! Christmas refers to the Sue Spargo embroideries for Tinsel. I have two more finishes and only one more block to go. Of course that is not the end as there is also a lot of work on the border. I am leaving some of the […]

Small Things This Time.

These little faces have been watching me for a while and I think that was a way of reminding myself I had to get them, and their clothes, finished. They are a knit pattern from ak traditions. I have made some other patterns from them a long time ago, but found these and thought they […]

A Finished Blanket.

This is another of my projects that was so close to a finish and was then put away due to distractions of my own making. I had made the large mandalas and had pieced them together, but knew I had to make smaller sections to fill the gaps. It took me a while to play […]

Yarning Away.

Lots of little yarn projects have been worked on and some have even been completed. This little doll is a pattern from Mary Jane’s Tearoom and is called simply a Little Yarn Doll. A lovely pattern to follow and lots of variations included. I have kept to the basics for the first one, giving her […]

A Bit Of A Yarn.

Plenty of yarn being used in these projects. It’s a bit of a mixed bag. I have been making a few bits and pieces for gifts and have accumulated a little collection. Most will be baby gifts. I am sure most of you have seen the octopus toy with the curly tentacles that bubs love […]

April Catch Up.

Time seems to be flying by with lots to do. Is it because we are all still catching up on things since our long lock downs? I know I am still putting in time with my sewing but progress is slow. I do have a few quilts sandwiched ready for quilting but they are a […]

The Wool Theme Continues.

I may as well make the most of working with wool while the temps stay low. Spring has given us some lovely days but it is not getting hot anytime soon. I have added to my baby gift supply with a couple of sleeping rabbits. The design is by Twins Knitting Patterns, the same designer […]

Ready To Travel.

Lots of work over the weekend has resulted in a finish. The caravan is together, the dolls are made, and then there was time to make something extra. First of all, the little caravan carry case. The front drops down to show the inside layout. And these are the little dolls who will be living […]

Pushing Along.

Some projects take a long time because they are big. But there are others that are small and still take ages. That seems to be the case for me with this little caravan. The outside has been made. I have to add a wheel arch and tyre when it is ready to go together. The […]

Keep On Finishing.

Trying to keep working on UFOs can be challenging when new projects want a turn, too. So now I am going one for one. I completed a Cherie Payne project I had lingering on a shelf for quite a while – maybe from the Christmas before last. Just a small mini wall quilt. Each block […]

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