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Christmas, Easter And Winter.

That’s a few of the holidays and a season covered! Christmas refers to the Sue Spargo embroideries for Tinsel. I have two more finishes and only one more block to go. Of course that is not the end as there is also a lot of work on the border. I am leaving some of the […]

A Finished Blanket.

This is another of my projects that was so close to a finish and was then put away due to distractions of my own making. I had made the large mandalas and had pieced them together, but knew I had to make smaller sections to fill the gaps. It took me a while to play […]

Yarning Away.

Lots of little yarn projects have been worked on and some have even been completed. This little doll is a pattern from Mary Jane’s Tearoom and is called simply a Little Yarn Doll. A lovely pattern to follow and lots of variations included. I have kept to the basics for the first one, giving her […]

Easter, Yay!

We are having a gorgeous Easter long weekend with beautiful sunny days. Even the resident magpie family agree and have been out and about checking out the Autumn foliage. Easter decorating has been happening and there are a couple of new additions. A little crochet bunny. And a new hoop embroidery. This is a Kathy […]

Getting Projects Moving.

Happy February. The year is moving along. I have been working on several projects and they are close to a finish. I am also spending a lot of time getting the preparation work done for a few more. The trees for The Avenue are completed and are ready to come together. I played with several […]

Too Much Cuteness.

I just had to finish off that koala I was knitting. But it didn’t stop with one. A bit like eating potato chips. So I ended up with three. They are lovely to make – a little bit fiddly, but worth it. The hardest part was the faces and I am sure that they will […]

A Bit Of A Yarn.

Plenty of yarn being used in these projects. It’s a bit of a mixed bag. I have been making a few bits and pieces for gifts and have accumulated a little collection. Most will be baby gifts. I am sure most of you have seen the octopus toy with the curly tentacles that bubs love […]

A Little Crochet Project.

Sometimes it is good to have a yarn project on the go as well as stitching ones. This is a lap size crochet project that I have been working on when watch TV. I can’t seem to watch TV without having something like this on the go. This has used the African flowers design in […]

Keeping Warm.

Lots of chilly mornings here but we are getting lovely sunshine during the day. All the heating systems are working overtime at night keeping us snug and warm. Perfect weather for these little frosties which are stitched from designs made by Michelle from Michelle Ridgway Designs. These are stitched from Cottage Garden Threads. I plan […]

Welcome To Winter.

Brrrr…. . Winter has arrived here. Cold, wet and windy. Good time to stay inside where it is warm and dry. I have been working on my blocks for the Wendy Williams quilt, Over the Hill. Two more blocks have been added. These two blocks are part of the centre row. There are lots of […]

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