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A Sheep Or Three.

This is the last bit of show and tell from the baby collection. As well as a quilt, I make each grand baby an embroidered woollen blanket. This time I made one based on the nursery rhyme, Baa Baa Black Sheep. The design comes from an early copy of Inspirations magazine. The sheep are made […]

Perfect Weather For Snowmen.

It is so chilly here at the moment that I think these snowmen would feel very much at home. This is a felt mat that is about 60 cm wide. (24 ins) I made a few changes along the way. It is supposed to have tongues around the outside. That would make it too wide […]

Finally A Finish!

This one has been a long time coming. I think I have been working on this Jacobean embroidery for over two years. It was constantly beingĀ  put aside for other priorities and only getting worked on in dribs and drabs. I have finally managed to work on it for a month or so now and […]

And Another One.

When we were waiting for this last grand baby to arrive, I had the first quilt (from my last post) well under way and nearing completion. But I had the bug to also make a just in case quilt. I wanted to make one that was specifically for a little girl. At that stage we […]

A Baby Quilt.

This little quilt was completed a couple of months ago, but I had to wait for our gorgeous little grand daughter to arrive before I could show it here. I was then delayed another two weeks because I became ill and wasn’t going to visit while I still had a chance of passing on my […]

Pink And Perfect.

We have been a little distracted these last few days due to the arrival of our gorgeous grand daughter. Mum, bub, dad and big brother all doing very well. Love these little fingers. We are lucky to now have two in the southern hemisphere and two in the northern hemisphere. Big smiles everywhere here. Cheers, […]


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