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Sewing Some Storage.

Yes, sewing a few little projects for keeping bits and pieces. I started with a small zipper pouch. It popped up on FB, so I had to watch it several times before I could remember all the steps. No link, I’m afraid. I forgot, then couldn’t find it again. Here is my first try. It’s […]

Nearly Missed November!

November has been a very busy time here. The weather has made sure we are very busy in the garden. The plants are enjoying the Spring rain and sunshine, and the weeds are flourishing!!! Lots of strawberries have been picked and turned into jam. And I think the grass grows behind us as soon as […]

Finally – A Sewing Room To Use – And A Word Of Warning.

If my blog posts are anything to go by, it looks like I have dropped off the face of the earth. And as far as sewing goes it is quite true. About the only stitching that has been done was at sewing groups and classes. All my time at home has been setting up the […]

Clear View.

Still not a lot happening here in the way of finishes. This little clear view pouch is the only offering. It was part of a kit from a stitching day with Gail Pan last  year. It did have an embroidery to go on the fabric side, but I am keeping that for another purpose. I […]

Small Finishes.

In the middle of all that is busy at Christmas, I have been able to achieve a couple of small finishes. This is another of Marg Low’s lovely felt ornaments. I always want to make several of each of these. Maybe if all is quiet after Christmas. I have finished stitching some of Michelle Ridgway’s […]

More Storage.

I really liked having such easy access to all my sewing needs when I bought my Ikea shelves that I decided to go all out and get another set of shelves and doors. I find I am using a lot more of my stash because I can see it at a glance. My only disappointment […]

Lots of Raggedies.

I bit the bullet and finally purchased shelves to store and tidy up my fabrics. It took a full day of organising but I think the end result is definitely worth it. I can find fabrics at a glance and now am wondering why I waited so long to do it. I wonder if my […]


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