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Nearly Missed November!

Posted on | November 21, 2021 | 7 Comments

November has been a very busy time here. The weather has made sure we are very busy in the garden. The plants are enjoying the Spring rain and sunshine, and the weeds are flourishing!!! Lots of strawberries have been picked and turned into jam. And I think the grass grows behind us as soon as we mow.

The other part of being busy is that our state has opened up after lock down and we are able to catch up with family and friends. Masks are off outside and most venues are now open. So we started with family visits on different days to children and grandies, sisters and mother. So good to see people in person. Our state hits 90% fully vaxed this weekend which is wonderful.

As a result of being out and about, sewing has taken a bit of a back seat. But some bits and pieces have been done.

I kept working on these blocks. I had to join this one to its neighbour as several pieces overlapped the two blocks.

I was then able to add the lighthouse and the whale.

The next block is the final one. I have managed to get it started.

Lots of leaves completed.

I am still finding excuses to make podlets. They are a great excuse to play with fun fabrics.

Now it seems that Christmas planning is taking over with last minute gifts being made as well as Christmas cards.

That almost feels like all is normal.

Now, just for something different. We spent some time with our family helping to clear fallen branches after a severe storm came through. We didn’t notice them at first due to their camouflague, but sitting nearby on a fallen branch were this pair – parent and young Tawny Frogmouth. We made sure they were not disturbed.

Enjoy the week ahead.

Cheers, Karen

7 Responses to Nearly Missed November!

  • Sheryl Scholte says:

    Hi Karen wow this is going to be amazing,love it and it’s nice to be able to see friends and family xx

  • Beautiful Tawnies! Glad they were safe. We feel the same with our lawn.
    Love your blocks! Its been so difficult for so many to not see loved ones.

  • Fiona Robinson says:

    It’s so great for you to be out and about visiting and doing ‘normal’ things again… I just love your quilt and all the detail going in there… its a masterpiece… how cute are those Tawnies…. little fluff ball…. gosh the gardens are enjoying the rain and the warmth… espeically weeds are loving it!!!

  • So glad you are getting a hint of “back to normal”. That’s where we’d all like to live now!

  • Linda Dutch says:

    So lovely you can reconnect with family. Ah, a ‘normal’ Christmas… I’ve ordered everything on-line for the little ones this year, and as things arrive, I turn up the music, and with a glass of wine, wrap and then hide. Still unsure of how Xmas plans will pan out here in NZ. Your blocks look amazing, love all the details.

  • Kyle says:

    Isn’t it great to reconnect with our family and friends. We are not back to a mandatory lockdown situation, but are back to wearing masks everywhere. It tends to be a up and down never ending situation. Your piece is so filled with exciting bits and pieces. So lovely. Enjoy your wonderful spring weather.

  • The detail on your quilt is amazing, and all the embroidery!!! So engaging, Karen! Whoa on those birds! They’re so large, and well camouflaged!


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