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Quilt Festival.

I really enjoy seeing all the quilts each time Amy has a Bloggers’ Quilt Festival. It is wonderful to see the huge variety of designs made by so many different people. Thank you to Amy and all her wonderful sponsors .  Visit Amy’s Creative Side to see the details of all the exciting things that […]

Ribbons And Trees.

I have to admit that I am often easily distracted. Showing me something new with sewing is like waving a toy around in front of a child. I always want to try it out. I had been playing with ribbons to decorate trees on Christmas cards. I remembered seeing small wall hangings made with ribbons […]

A Snowman Quilt Top.

At the very end of last year I was extremely lucky to win some beautifully embroidered blocks. They are a collection of snowmen, reindeer and Christmas trees. The beautiful stitching was done by Pauline of Quilt n Queen. Pauline does the most amazing stitching. She generously had a give away last year of eight of […]

Califon Is Complete.

Several positives to report. My machine is back, working and happy. And so am I. And as a result I was able to sew the binding on my Califon quilt and hand stitch it down overnight. My LAQ was incredibly fast and had it back to me in a couple of weeks. I chose a […]

Tin Teddies.

Today has to be the most perfect day for the Teddy Bear’s picnic. It is  a mild Spring day and the sun is shining. Can’t ask for more that that! I am linking up with Melody at The House On The Side Of The Hill and joining all the teddies and their friends for the […]

Paper Owls.

Today I needed to spend some time catching up on card making. I had a few thank you cards to write so had a little fun in the process using the owl punch. They are cute little guys and seem to look good in most colours. I now need to find out if the punch […]

Borders Times Two.

My machine has decided to play funny games and as a result is waiting at my LQS for some maintenance. This means I am now using a very old and basic machine until mine returns.  I can straight stitch and zig zag, but no FMQ or even stitch in the ditch. Oh dear! I have […]

A Tree With A Twist.

Over the last two weeks I have been able to attend a class to make this special Christmas tree. It is constructed in similar fashion to an Etui box. So it starts off looking like this. Then the little cap comes off allowing the sides to open and reveal the centre. The little box in […]

Do I Have A Parliament?

I know the collective name for a group of owls is a parliament,  so I am wondering if my little group of 3 is considered a parliament. After making the one owl I posted about earlier I have continued to sew with felt to make several others. I think they always look good when they […]


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