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Finally! A Quilt Finish!

It really does seem like ages since I finished a quilt so I am delighted to have finally made it across the finish line with one. Of course my excitement was not reflected in the weather and I had to make do with an overcast day ( or three). The design reminds me of mosaic […]

September Snow Hearts.

My apologies to those people who are having difficulty with my comment section. I still have no idea why it is causing grief to some and not to others, but I will continue to search for a solution. I have been able to keep up and complete my Bunny Hill Snow Hearts for September. The […]

Making Progress.

Bits and pieces are coming together so it is good to see progress being made. The first bit of progress is with the blog itself. Several times I have tried to add a subscribe button on the side but because my site is a mix of blog and web page it just didn’t want to […]


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