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September Snow Hearts.

Posted on | September 10, 2018 | 11 Comments

My apologies to those people who are having difficulty with my comment section. I still have no idea why it is causing grief to some and not to others, but I will continue to search for a solution.

I have been able to keep up and complete my Bunny Hill Snow Hearts for September.

The felt one first.

And then the fabric one.

And of course the two together.

I am surprised at how quick these come around each month which is a good indication of how the year is flying by.

Remember to catch up with Joan, Shez and Jeanette to see their wonderful creations, too.

Just a quick mention that I may not be able to moderate or reply to comments in a hurry as we will be busy over the next few days.

Cheers, Karen




11 Responses to September Snow Hearts.

  • Susan Snooks says: Both lovely Karen! Spots always win my heart! BTW I was not getting replies to many comments on blogs and found this fix worked: Maybe some of your followers would be interested in this fix!
  • Fiona says: Lovely little hearts.. it is a bit scary how fast the year is going by..... hope it is fun busy you are up to.... clearly I am not affected by the comments issue.. yayaya Hugz
  • Shez says: Hi Karen,love your Bunnyhill hearts well done my friend,oops I haven't started yet naughty me ,hope you have a wonderful week my friend. I notice now when I want to comment ,that I have to keep filling in the details,name etc xx
  • Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting says: My first thought was, oh, singing snowmen! You know, holding a songbook. Then I thought, hmm, they might be reading a book. I wonder what a snowman would enjoy reading. Is there a reason they have ladybugs? I love their scarves.
  • michelle ridgway says: Its been lovely seeing your cute troupe of snowies appear. Love them x
  • Kyle says: Love the little addition of the ladybugs. You're definitely going to be ready for the holidays.
  • Sunny says: Love the hearts. I should have started again, but there just aren't enough hours in a day. I'm going to assume this post goes through, even if it disappears.
  • Jeanette says: Love your hearts. They are beautiful. Hugs,xx
  • Frances Arnold says: You are so right that the year is flying along, but at least you have a fun set of hearts to remember it by!! I LOVE the ladybugs. They make a fun addition!!
  • Mary Marcotte says: Hmm, apparently I'm on of the grief-stricken because I'm fairly sure I left a comment last time around. No matter, I'll go again. It's easy to comment on your adorable snowman hearts. They are proof that staying with a longterm project has its benefits. Marking time is one I hadn't even considered. That's probably because I keep thinking about the great collection you'll have come December! Plus somehow they keep getting cuter.

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