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Making Progress.

Posted on | September 3, 2018 | 15 Comments

Bits and pieces are coming together so it is good to see progress being made.

The first bit of progress is with the blog itself. Several times I have tried to add a subscribe button on the side but because my site is a mix of blog and web page it just didn’t want to play nice. After a little prod from Nancy I tried again and to my surprise it worked!

So now those you prefer to have email updates can use the new follow by email button.

There has been more knitting happening but this time it is not for the grand children. A few weeks ago I joined with many others to make little lamb jumpers for the farmers to use in the drought areas. Use this link to read one of the articles.

The pictures in the paper are so cute!

Next up our group of the Embroidery Guild needed some needle cases, so I used the Marg Low pattern to make some using wool felt.


I have started selecting fabrics to use with the embroideries I completed. This is the start to adding borders for each block.

I am not sure how big I want this one to grow so will just take my time playing with it.

I am also trying to plan out another quilt with no pattern. I loved the bird fabric and wanted to keep it in large pieces, so the grid paper came out and a few more ideas have been tossed around.

Should be a good one for Spring with the bright colours.

And Spring must be around the corner because I noticed one single, lonely blossom on my trees. Hope the others catch up soon.

Have a wonderful week.

Cheers, Karen




15 Responses to Making Progress.

  • Anita says:

    You have been a busy girl! We have made these little knitted tops before, and they are fun to knit. We send our prayers to the farmers over your side of Australia and a hope to an end of the drought. A few weeks back 20 trucks left our town to deliver the much needed feed for the livestock your way. I love the way Australians help each other. x

  • How sweet are the lamb jumpers! Of course your embroideries are lovely, as always. I like the bordering you’re doing. And that bird fabric is gorgeous, much too pretty to cut up much. Looks like that will be a really pretty quilt.

  • Karen D Martin says:

    Those embroideries are so adorable–I’m looking forward to seeing your completed project using them! It looks like you are on the way to another cute project with the bird fabric. I would hate to cut up such a pretty fabric too!

  • Shez says:

    Hi Karen oh those jumpers are very cute and I love your snowmen needlecase and your stitchery blocks look fantastic,well done my friend xx

  • Love those “lamb jumpers”… will knit up a few all ready for next year.
    Thanks for the link…xox

  • Frances says:

    Lamb jumpers… sweet!!! I made Roo pouches several years ago and it was fun to think about them being used. I love your bird quilt. There are so many fun colors there and I know you will have a great time picking blocks to go with it. Also, the green stripe is perfect for your embroideries!!

  • Sunny says:

    Love your bird fabric and can’t wait to see what it becomes. I’d like to make a couple of lamb jumpers, and the article says there is a crochet pattern, but I couldn’t find it. I’m not a knitter.

  • I have had strife commenting on your posts the last couple of times….they just disappeared. Such lovely projects….the snowy needlecases are so cute and yes I,love the bird fabric too! Loving the green borders on your stitcheries.

  • Linda Dutch says:

    Love your embroideries, very cute! The owl & the pussycat is an all-time favourite of mine! And the bird fabric is great, perfect focus fabric to work around!

  • Jenny Benton says:

    Lovely embroidered and the bird fabric is very pretty. It will look good with the colourful blocks. Are you planning to surround the panel with blocks?

  • Kyle Redente says:

    Your embroidery blocks are darling and the fabric you chose for the borders is perfect. You’re heading towards brighter colors as I start thinking about autumn colors.

  • Joan says:

    Oh what a sweet story on the lamb jumpers. And those little faces in the story, they just melt your heart. Your busy busy busy as usual. Love that little needle case. Actually it would me adorable as a pin on a sweater! LOL!!
    You’ve picked the perfect fabric to surround those adorable little animal stitchery’s too.

  • Lambs in sweaters?!! Too adorable! Does the snowman open up to store needles inside? Great embroideries. And I’ll be interested to see what happens with that cute bird fabric. We had it in our store and it sold like the wind. Sew glad your email notify works now!

  • Fiona says:

    you have lots of lovely and different projects happening…how cute are the lamb jumpers and great little needlecases. I love the looks of both your quilts, that green border is perfect.

  • Susan Snooks says:

    Such pretty colours in those last fabrics Karen! I look forward to seeing your plans for it! Fingers crossed that the worst of the winter weather is over! We all need some sunshine, don’t we?!


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