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Keeping Warm And Busy.

I have been outside keeping busy in the garden. I have been covering some of the plants as there is a frost predicted for tonight. It may not keep the plants warm, but it should prevent frost damage. Even with gloves on, my fingers noticed the chill. I had a little celebration this week as […]

Blue Crossroads.

This is the last of the quilts made with the blue bundles purchased at the end of last year. I had to add in a little from my stash, but I managed to use up the last of the bundles. It is about 60 X 60 inches. I must admit that I did not find […]

Getting Back To Normal.

We are back at home and trying hard to adjust to our own time zone. The cold is also a huge shock! We have spent the last month in South Carolina where the temps have been in the 80s and 90s (F). Back home and we are lucky to get to 55F (13C). Takes a […]

Blue Snowflakes And Grey Bunnies.

A smaller quilt finish for today. Over the years I have collected smaller pieces of flannel fabric, but have not often sewn with them. When I was doing a tidy up I realised that pile of flannel fabrics had grown and needed to be used. We need a couple of warm quilts to have as […]

Not Blue, But Many Colours.

Time to make a break from the blue quilts. This is one that had been started a while back, then was put aside. But I was able to get back to it and have a LAQ do the quilting for me. It gives the impression of being a Christmas quilt, although I didn’t plan it […]

Even More Blue And White.

I have used up nearly all the leftovers from the last few blue quilts and am now reaching into my stash. Not that it is making a dent, but it is good to use it. I wasn’t expecting to have this quilt ready so soon, as my LAQ was busy with show preparations, but she […]

Some Leap Day Quilts.

I had to write the date a couple of times today and it felt a bit different. Only another 4 years before I can do it again. And Happy Birthday to all those Leap Year babies!!! I have strayed from my blue quilts to make a collection of donation quilts – baby size. I realised […]

Looks Like I Have The Blues, Again.

More blue fabric. More blue quilts. This is one where the top was finished last year, then my machine stopped working. It was added to the pile waiting for a turn to be quilted. I am nearly caught up! This was another exercise in using fabric from my stash. I had enough to make the […]

More Blue And White.

There have been plenty of these Plus quilts around, but until now I didn’t have fabrics I wanted to use in one. Then I had a visit to Cutting Cloth and came home with a bundle. I combined it with the left overs from the previous blue quilt I had made with another bundle from […]

A Quiet Week.

A quiet week here on the sewing front, but extra busy with grandchildren staying over for several days. I have been working on these blocks. Lots of pieces. I had to cut nearly 600 blues and 600 whites. That’s not bad for me as I am not always that patient. I admire those of you […]

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