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Clear View.

Posted on | March 20, 2018 | 12 Comments

Still not a lot happening here in the way of finishes. This little clear view pouch is the only offering. It was part of a kit from a stitching day with Gail Pan last  year. It did have an embroidery to go on the fabric side, but I am keeping that for another purpose.

I am collecting a lot of small pieces from both wool and felt projects and want several of these pouches to use for storage. So, more to come.

Another project that is very time consuming is the McKenna Ryan quilt I am working on. I have found it is one I have to do mostly at home because it requires a lot of concentration. This is just one of three birds for the block I am currently working on.

It is ready to transfer to the fabric and for stitching to begin.

There is a real feel of Autumn in the air here. Still hot days, but definite cooler nights. I like it that way.

Have a lovely week.

Cheers, Karen



12 Responses to Clear View.

  • Susan Snooks says: Much cooler here this afternoon.. I fear Winter won't be far away. I've heard its going to be a brutal on Karen! Your rosella is wonderful! You are very skilful with colour placement! I look forward to seeing more of this...
  • shez says: Hi Karen love your pouch and wow your bird is amazing,well done my friend xx
  • BillieBee says: The bird is wonderful!
  • Jenny Benton says: Your bird looks beautiful, looks like this will be taking you quite some time to complete.
  • Fiona says: I love the clear view pouches and should do the same as you... they are great for storage especially since you can see what's in there! Your bird is already looking gorgeous - will be even better next round... Hugz
  • michelle ridgway says: They are so handy those pouches. Love the Lorikeet....looks very intricate x
  • Lesley says: A sweet little pouch! I have a pattern to make these and keep putting it off. Perhaps soon? Your bird is amazing! I am in awe of McKenna Ryan quilts and I can see that you will have a real treasure!
  • Frances says: I say that anytime you have found a good storage solution then you have definitely accomplished something!!! I love the applique but can sure see why you need to concentrate on it!!
  • Astrid says: We never get enough pouches, do we? Great idea to keep bits and pieces organized. Amazing bird, can't wait to see it finished.
  • Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting says: I see a lot of those clear pouches at show and tell these days. They're so much cuter than ziplock bags. I want to make some. And that bird. Beautiful!
  • Mary Marcotte says: I like the storage pouch. I really need to make a few to put things away in the camper. Being able to see into them is the trick. Now to finish one project before beginning yet another! That little bird is just beautiful! Can't wait to see that finish!
  • Elaine/MuddlingThrough says: What a very pretty bird! I can't wait to see the whole block if there will be two more.

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