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Too Much Cuteness.

Posted on | October 5, 2021 | 8 Comments

I just had to finish off that koala I was knitting. But it didn’t stop with one. A bit like eating potato chips. So I ended up with three.

They are lovely to make – a little bit fiddly, but worth it. The hardest part was the faces and I am sure that they will get better the more I make.

It is a pattern by Little Cotton Rabbits and is available as a PDF. I am experimenting with yarns ( 8 and 10 ply) and needle sizes. It looks like both wool thicknesses work well as long as I use a small needle. There will definitely be more of these to go along as baby gifts.

And the cute little baskets they are sitting in are called Podlets. I saw them on Cheryll’s blog (Gone Stitchin‘) and had to try them.

These are also very addictive and I have plans for more. They are a Spencer Ogg Sewing pattern and this is the YouTube link. There is a FB page as well with lots of extras. They whip up in a very short time and are super easy. So pleased I saw them on Cheryll’s blog.

Lots of lovely things are happening in garden but I also enjoy seeing the potted plants come in to bloom. These Granny Bonnets have to be a favourite (aquilegias or columbines).

It has turned into quite a wet week here, but that is part of what to expect in Spring. Better than being dry.

Cheers, Karen

8 Responses to Too Much Cuteness.

  • Joan says:

    Your little stuffies are so darn cute every one of them. It’s fun to see your garden coming to life as mine is dying off. We had our first frost this week, and that took care of what was left. Now settling in for the winter temperatures to hit us. Uggggh.

  • Marina says:

    Koalas and baskets multiplying nicely.
    such pretty flowers, I’ve never seen them before.

  • Aww, great job on the koalas, Karen!!! I love the podlets, too!! What’s not to love about some growing, beautiful flowers!!!

  • They are so very cute as are the podlets. We are swinging between windy and quite warm here x

  • Fiona says:

    Your Koala’s certainly are cute…. and lots of little podlets being created…. gosh those columbine’s are beautiful…. they are such a pretty flower but I haven’t seen that colouring before…

  • The koalas are very cute. Your baskets are lovely. Love the Granny’s Bonnets, a beautiful flower with pretty colours. Hugs, xx.

  • Jenny Benton says:

    What cute little koalas, they are just begging to be cuddled and loved. They will certai ly make great baby gifts.

  • Susan Snooks says:

    Knitting, sewing and gardening…what’s not to love?! The koalas are very cute. Granny’s Bonnets are a favourite of mine and yours are a wonderful colour! I don’t mind the rain , but boy, it’s been cold today! Stay safe Karen.


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