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Yarning Away.

Posted on | May 21, 2022 | 12 Comments

Lots of little yarn projects have been worked on and some have even been completed.

This little doll is a pattern from Mary Jane’s Tearoom and is called simply a Little Yarn Doll.

A lovely pattern to follow and lots of variations included.

I have kept to the basics for the first one, giving her a removable hat and skirt. I may get a little more adventurous when I knit another one.

The yarn theme continues with these two beanies. They are crocheted from a You Tube pattern called Easy Breezy Beanies. There are 5 different patterns for different yarn thicknesses. I had a Caron cake and was able to make two beanies with a small amount of yarn left over. Mine was about a 10 ply thickness.

You can see the colour change in each beanie. These were my keep my hands busy activity when we were away in the caravan in Beechworth last week. The weather was drizzly but we still found plenty to see and do. About 25 km from there is a small location of Stanley. We drove past all the chestnut orchards and of course we bought bags of chestnuts from roadside stalls.

We were searching a particular stand of trees. The area is surrounded by pine plantations but hidden away down some logging tracks is an area filled with Sequoias – Californian Redwoods. I had no idea we had them growing here. No sign posts, just lots of tracks and turns. We finally found the track and walked in. Definitely worth it.

I found the black trunks stunning against the green foliage and the forest floor looking rusty red.

This pic is just to give an idea of size.

Found a few of these looking pretty, too.

And the keep the colour theme going, this is how the trees in the caravan park are looking.

I have been distracted with the doll and the hats, but there have been a few rows added to the Attic 24 Harbour blanket.

The wool theme keeps going but in fabric form. I am receiving the Sue Spargo BOM called Tinsel. Because of delays with US Postage, mine arrived at the end of March. I decided to start on the March block first and manged to finish it.

April has arrived so I have started on that one next. I am sure the order of completion does not matter.

Several quilts have headed to my LAQ, another is being quilted by me, so there will be lots of binding to do.

We have the ABC on in the background and are listening to the election count. Looks like it is getting interesting. Not sure I will stay up late enough to see the results though. Happy to find out in the morning.

Have a good week.

Cheers, Karen

12 Responses to Yarning Away.

  • Christine M says:

    What a cute little doll!

  • Joan says:

    What a beautiful place your caravan’d to visit.
    I’m surprised to hear that you found California Redwoods? It makes you wonder how that happened. They are something else to see, that’s for sure. That mushroom reminds me of Alaska. I loved mushroom hunting up there. It’s too dry for us to have those beautiful ones here, darn it. Looks like you had the perfect projects to work on, on your trip too.

  • Frances says:

    I love all of your “yarn” projects!! You are moving long well on all of them!! And the mushroom photos are amazing!!

  • Karen, your doll is so well done!! Especially the face, which is the most important part! Great beanie pattern. Your forest photos look just like the forests I’ve walked through in California!!! Did you buy the chestnuts and roast them yourself? They sell roasted chestnuts at train stations in Japan, so can just imagine the smell and taste… Attic 24 has the cutest afghan patterns and yours is looking cute! Can’t wait to see your quilts, back from the LAQ!

  • Pink Rose says:

    Hi Karen how cute is that doll ,love those trees ,lovely to see your beautiful work ,take care

  • Linda Dutch says:

    Amazing Autumn photos!

  • The little girl doll is just precious! I really like those beanies, too. Attic 24 is amazing, and so is your rendition of her afghan.

  • Kyle says:

    You’ve been busy. The different projects seemed to be perfect for traveling as well. Autumn is lovely time of year.

  • Fiona says:

    What a cute little doll… looks complicated…. Cant help but be awed by those big trees…. lovely walk. I love your new blanket… will take a note of that pattern. that looks a lovely wool BOM too.

  • Lou Heron says:

    Your knitting looks lovely and your Lucy blanket is growing nicely.
    Your autumn walk looks like fun.

  • charlotte m. says:

    The doll is very cute. I also want to make that Attic 24 blanket, but I am making myself finish the Yuletide blanket first and right now it is just to warm to want to work with yarn, so I am crafting other things. That forest looks amazing!

  • Jeanette says:

    The little doll is so cute. Those trees are gorgeous. Lovely photo of them. I had no idea they were growing here either. Hugs, xx


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