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Christmas, Easter And Winter.

Posted on | May 20, 2023 | 8 Comments

That’s a few of the holidays and a season covered!

Christmas refers to the Sue Spargo embroideries for Tinsel.

I have two more finishes and only one more block to go. Of course that is not the end as there is also a lot of work on the border.

I am leaving some of the guideline markings there for when I eventually trim the blocks.

Next, Easter. Our neighbours had a lovely Easter display in their home. They used some fun rabbits purchased from one of the chain stores. I asked to borrow them and had a go at making my version.

And last of all, we have Winter.

It has been time to get knitting for the youngest grandie girl, as she is the only one who will wear a knit jumper. This one took a while as it was in 5 ply with a pattern that kept me on my toes. Definitely worth it , though.

She chose the pattern and the colour. Perfect.

One of the features I really liked on this design was the buttonholes. They look great.

I am always learning.

That’s my collection for the day. Very happy with these finishes.

Cheers, Karen

8 Responses to Christmas, Easter And Winter.

  • Raewyn says:

    Beautiful knitting, Karen, and that’s a great idea for the buttonholes, isn’t it? Cute wee rabbit and absolutely gorgeous Sue Spargo stitching…so much vibrant detail.

  • What a beautiful sweater!!! Love it! And the detail on your Christmas tree quilt is amazing, Karen!

  • Linda Dutch says:

    It’s always a treat stopping by here, so much detail and so many different creative projects. Very inspiring.

  • Fiona says:

    Fun projects…. so much detail in those Christmas blocks and I love your bunny. Great to have handmade jumpers – that one is beautiful…

  • marina says:

    love your little trees, the detail is amazing!
    very pretty cardigan so delicate in 5ply.
    very cute bunny. I bought two from Bed bath and table with the same thing in mind but for the price I just bought two. Granddaughter saw them and promptly took them home lol

  • Love the trees they are pretty. Your rabbit is cute. Gorgeous cardigan. I wore hand knitted items as a child but when Mum knitted for my kids they hated wearing them. I don’t know why as Mum was a great knitter & the items always looked lovely. Well at least when they were babies they wore them, they had no choice. lol.

  • Pink Rose says:

    Hi Karen of my those Xmas trees are amazing so much work in each one.
    Oh wow love this knitted Cardigan it such a pretty pattern and colour ,well done on your beautiful work my friend

  • Susan Snooks says:

    You are so right Karen- when knitting or any sort of crafting there is always something to learn. The cardigan is adorable. And quite close in colour to something I am knitting at the moment. I have learned how to increase into the back of a purl stitch while knitting this jumper. Your wool felt work is delightful- so much detail in each one! Happy days- stay warm!


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