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Ready To Travel.

Posted on | April 20, 2020 | 16 Comments

Lots of work over the weekend has resulted in a finish. The caravan is together, the dolls are made, and then there was time to make something extra.

First of all, the little caravan carry case.

The front drops down to show the inside layout.

And these are the little dolls who will be living in there.

After all the fiddling around the final construction went smoothly.

I had a little more time left than I expected so I made a much simpler pattern from Two Brown Birds. These are called Bubs In Bed. They each have a face on the front and back – one awake and one asleep.

And they each have a sleeping bag.

So all the birthday sewing is complete and has been parcel up in the post.

Time to choose the next project to finish.

I do like good news stories, and I mentioned in my last post how a neighbour came to the rescue to chainsaw our tree that fell down. Well, the story continued. Another neighbour surprised us by pulling up in front of our house on Saturday with a commercial chipper on the back. He had been doing work elsewhere and before he went home he put all our branches through the chipper. We now have a tidy lawn again. How lucky are we to have such thoughtful and kind people living nearby.

Cheers, Karen

16 Responses to Ready To Travel.

  • Oh, that is just beyond cute! It looks like way too much work for me. ;) But someone is certainly going to like it!

  • Raewyn says:

    The caravan set is gorgeous!! I do hope it doesn’t take too long to get there so your GD can enjoy it! Your neighbourhood sounds like a great place to be!

  • So sweet, Karen!!! Just love these! They will provide many hours of fun. What a blessing to have such neighbors!

  • Karen D Martin says:

    Oh my gosh–what little one wouldn’t love to have this adorable little caravan to play with!? It’s so sweet and your workmanship is awesome! Love it!

  • Oh that is so gorgeous Karen….hours of fun I am sure. Lovely to have good neighbours! Such a nice thing to do….unfortunately we aren’t lucky in that department.

  • Susan Snooks says:

    What a cute project Karen! That will bring a lot of joy and fun to the lucky recipient. And the kindness of neighbours and even strangers at this time certainly makes the tough times a little easier to bear. Stay safe!

  • This caravan tote is SO cute and will be such fun to play with!!!

  • OMG your caravan will be THE hit of the birthday gifts I’m sure. Fantastic job Karen.
    It’s in times like these that neighbours can be so helpful & caring. Nice ending to this story.

  • You’ve outdone yourself! Firstly, the caravan alone would make a cute accessories bag, but to add the babies and their sleeping bags. Your grandie will love this. I imagine she’ll spend many hours in this little world.
    You have wonderful neighbors. I’ve been reading more and more of people pulling together to help each other as we suffer this pandemic.

  • Joan says:

    That is just so darn cute. Someone is in for a wonderful surprise. Not to mention your surprise from the neighbor. No good deed goes unnoticed! :-)

  • Jenny Benton says:

    So cute! Such a clever Nana.

  • fiona says:

    How cute are your toys that you made…. I am full of admiration not having much success with toys…. great of your neighbour…so many people pulling together…

  • Lou Heron says:

    A lovely finish. Someone will be very happy to receive those.

  • Diane says:

    So very adorable. I just love this work of yours.

  • Joanne M Perry says:

    Totally cute dolls and accessories! Your granddaughter will be thrilled.

  • Sheryl says:

    Hi Karen wow what beautiful gifts you have made for your grandie girl the caravan is so sweet and such a lovely idea for a little one.
    Oh that’s so wonderful of your neighbour to help out,stay safe lovely lady xx


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