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Butterfly Cards.

Posted on | May 6, 2011 | 6 Comments

Just for something different, I sat down to catch up on my card making. I like to keep a little stockpile but have not kept up of late.  I need to make quite  a few more.

I like to try out a design in several different colourways. These all use SU papers.

6 Responses to Butterfly Cards.

  • LeslieUnfinished says: Very cute! I need to do that too. I never have a card when I need it, and when I need and don't have time to think about it.
  • Melody says: Lovely work and you have inspired me. I think I'll make some cards tonight.
  • Val says: What beautiful cards. Butterflies are so cheerful.
  • Sunnybec says: Oh very nice Karen, I especially like the red one with the butterflies on or "Flutterby" as they were known in our house because I use to call them that when I was little... and goosebumps was hen skin..... do you think I was strange as a child....LOL
  • Anita Hayes says: Your cards are too cute, and they would make lovely Mother's Day gifts. Kind regards, Anita.
  • Joan Kawano says: Those are so pretty. I was just in Salt Lake City for the HMQS show, and they had a wonderful booth of photo transfer quilts. Many used scrapbooking layouts. I am so full if ideas, my mind is exploding. These would work in beautifully!

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