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Blue And White Triangles.

Posted on | January 14, 2012 | 18 Comments

The blue and white HST quilt is quilted and bound.

Simple and basic but perfect for this fabric.

Straight line quilting was all that was needed.

The binding was the same blue that was used in the small highlight around the centre.

This flowering gum is just starting to blossom. The bees are loving it. I tried to catch a photo of the rosellas having a lovely time in the tree, too, but before I could reach my camera, a flock of cockatoos flew over and frightened the rosellas away.  I may be luckier next time.

18 Responses to Blue And White Triangles.

  • Debbie says: Beautiful blue and white quilt. Thank you for reminding me that sometimes less is more.
  • Belinda says: This is beautiful. Love the colors and how it turned out. The flowering gum is lovely.
  • Linda at Roscoe's Ma says: The quilt is just lovely. Are rosellas a kind of bird? Love your tree picture as I look out of my window at snow. What kind of tree?
  • Denise in PA says: It's so pretty - I love the fabrics you used. It's amazing how only two fabrics can making such a stunning quilt. And, I always love a blue & white quilt. I think I've yet to make one though. I've done red & white and green & white. This combo's next!
  • Linda says: Your quilt is stunning, thanks for sharing!
  • Elaine/MuddlingThrough says: I love your blue and white! It is just so geometrically satisfying. LOL Great binding choice, too. Good to see the flowers on your gum tree (never seen one of those here). The flowers look quite a bit like our crepe myrtles.
  • Fiona says: Love the quilt Karen... it really has come out so effective... my flowering gum has some big fat buds (it's only a wee little tree though) they are stunning aren't they.... Hugz
  • Rachaeldaisy says: That really is a beautiful quilt! And how about that tree!!! Glorious!!!
  • Val says: Stunning quilt. I love the fabrics.
  • Karen says: Love the fabric and love the quilt. Gives the eyes a good work out. Change the direction of the quilt and change the emphasis. Wish we had a flowering gum. I'll trade you the cockatoos for the dirty noisy miners that have invaded our area.
  • Frances says: Wonderful quilt. I especially like the accent in the middle. Also, I really miss Rosellas and Cockatoos. We used to chase them around our neighborhood to take photos. We felt sure that the neighbors were saying "there go the property values... the American's are here!!!!"
  • Anita Hayes says: Hi Karen, Your quilt is lovely, the backing really fits in. You don't have to have a fancy quilt to have a lovely quilt as we can see with the quilt you have just made. Love the flowering gum. Regards, Anita.
  • sunny says: Simplicity at it's best. It couldn't be more perfect.
  • Astrid says: Love it! It turned out so beautiful! Blue and white are my favorites. Ah, is that a blooming gum tree? So beautiful!
  • Rachel says: LOVE it, what are those fabrics? they are awesome, and you did a fantastic job with them!!
  • Joan says: This is beautiful. I love half square triangles, and the blue warms my heart. Warm is good here in Colorado right now!! We don't have all the beautiful flowers in bloom! :-( But I sure do like looking at yours!
  • Janet says: Wow, I love the quilt, the simple ones are so fresh and appealing. That gum is gorgeous, I thought the Rosellas were bossy to cockatoos, maybe thats because they are to King parrots.
  • Pauline says: Luv your quilt Karen, simple but sEw beautiful. Two color quilts are always and and white, you can't go wrong. I can finally comment again.

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