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Four Seasons.

Posted on | January 11, 2012 | 12 Comments

Anyone who lives in or near Melbourne knows exactly what I am talking about! We have the ability to have all four seasons easily within a day. And today is it!

I look out the windows on one side of the house and it is beautiful blue sky and sunshine. Try the other side of the house and there are heavy grey clouds heading this way.  We have had bursts of heavy rain filling the water tanks and then we have lovely warm sunshine. Some areas nearby have had hail and the mountains just to the north reported snow falling this morning.  It’s never boring here!

I have completed the blue and white quit top I had been planning last week. A very simple design for a lovely fabric.

And because yesterday was such a pleasant day, I was able to work outside in the shade of the pergola to sandwich and pin this quilt. So this afternoon will be spent quilting.

I had packed away all the Christmas decorations a few days after Christmas, but there always seem to be a few bits and pieces that hide or escape collection. I have to find a home for this rather whimsical reindeer, although he may have to stay out a little longer.

There are always a few silly bits and pieces around over the Christmas season and these pens found their way into our home.

Wonder what the next half hour will bring with the weather?


12 Responses to Four Seasons.

  • We lived in Melbourne for 4 months some years ago a. I know what you mean.

    Your quilt is looking great!

  • Kelly says:

    Triangles are a favorite shape, love the blue and white together.

  • Astrid says:

    Four seasons when it is supposed to be summer your side?? :) It sounds like summer in Norway; there too we sometimes have all four seasons in one day! We had some wonderful thundershowers yesterday and I hope it continous today, we need rain! Love your quilt, and the moment I saw I know what to do with some bits and pieces I couldn’t figure out what to use for last night! Thank you! :) Oh, that reindeer is to die for, so cute! I still have a few things to pack away too.
    Have a nice day!

  • Anita Hayes says:

    Hi Karen,
    Over here in the west we have been experiencing the same action with the weather and now with Cyclone Heidi buzzing around, we’re in for more strange weather.
    I love your reindeer, where did you get him from? Cute little pens too. Have fun today with your quilt, it’s gorgeous. Regards, Anita.

  • Sounds like Houston actually. As we say, “If you don’t like the weather, stick around. It will change.”

    Thanks for the smiles. The quilt is so pretty and I laughed at the reindeer and the “whatever they are’s”.

  • What a pretty quilt! I love the band of blue in the middle!

  • Rachaeldaisy says:

    Oops, I mean knew not new. : )

  • Rachaeldaisy says:

    I new what your title referred to, Melbourne really does have entertaining weather! Your quilt is beautiful! The pattern suits the fabrics so well! How will you quilt it?

  • Karen says:

    It has to be one of the weirdest starts to the year. I had to don a fleecy top this morning and that is just so wrong for January.
    Like the quilt. Really striking.
    Love the reindeer. I’m sure I could find a home for him. Birds are too cute. Had a marionette when I was a tweenie that looked a lot like the red one.

  • Sunnybec says:

    I really love your quilt, the fabric is gorgeous. Know what you mean about the odd Christmas decoration, and why do you always find glitter for months after – oh…. perhaps it’s because I haven’t hoovered for a while ROFL. XX

  • Fiona says:

    I remember the weather well….. never knew what to wear….
    The quilt is coming along well.. going to be a beauty…
    the reindeer is so fun… he can stay out all year???

  • Susan says:

    4 seasons! Not sure whether we had Summer today?!! I spent 3 hours under the quilt I am hand quilting! Your HSTs quilt is going to be lovely!


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