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An October Post.

Posted on | October 20, 2020 | 14 Comments

I realised October was getting away from me and if I didn’t post now I would miss it completely. I have been working away on lots of bits and pieces, but only one was a finish.

I am steadily getting the blocks done for the Sue Spargo quilt, Homegrown.

Lots more to go but a start has been made. At this stage I am putting down all the applique, then will return to complete the embroidery.

Next I have the first four blocks of another quilt from the book, Whimsical Wool Applique.

There are twelve blocks in this quilt, so I’m a third of the way there.

I am also following along with a Sue Spargo stitch along called Squash Squad.

I am making the effort to keep up to date with each weekly block so far. Two of the blocks have one stitch missing. That will have to wait until I learn them or get a lesson.

And last of all is some more knitting. Our weather is starting to warm up now so these will not get used until next Winter, so I deliberately made them in a larger size. I think a little girl will enjoy them when she sees them.

We are gradually starting to get an easing of restrictions here. We can travel a little further, but there is not much that is open to travel to. But in another week or so the shops will reopen and maybe there will be some discussion about opening the barrier between regional Victoria and Metro Melbourne.

I have kept myself busy over the last weeks catching up on making my blog books for the previous two years. I used to get them done overseas but unfortunately now their program is no longer compatible with my blog. So the answer is to do it the slow way by setting it up with one of the local photo stores and getting it printed when they have a good offer available.

Spring is keeping us on our toes with both the weather and the garden. I hope you have lots to keep you busy, too.

Cheers, Karen

14 Responses to An October Post.

  • Joan says:

    What wonderful projects you have going. Your applique Homegrown blocks look fabulous. I heard on the news the other night that there is no Covid in Australia now. Congratulation. I hope things stay that way for you. It’s climbing here again. :-(

  • Such detailed work–it’s beautiful, Karen! I hope you can get out more soon. Our stores are open. We’re just not going out much, like everyone else. It gives me more quilting time.

  • wow…you have a lot of things going right now, but they are all sweet!!! I can’t wait to see all of the houses finished and the wool quilts are amazing!! Glad you are being able to get out a bit more!!

  • All your work is in such bright & colourful colours… just gorgeous.
    One lucky little person will wear your jumper with a huge smile on their face… xox

  • Linda Dutch says:

    Some delightful blocks Karen. Hope things ease up soon your way… we’ve had our NZ election, all good, but now there’s been an upsurge in covid +ves, all hopefully traceable & managable… but it’s ongoing for sure.

  • Kyle Redente says:

    What beautiful and bright wool projects. I love the Squash Squad blocks and the little girl’s sweater and cap. I hope the restrictions lighten up soon.

  • Your wool work is so lovely and so are your projects. Your knitted set is going to cheer wintry weather next year I am sure. I feel for you all down there. You have had a tough time of it. Hoping things are going to keep improving for you…take care xx

  • Susan Snooks says:

    Lovely colourful projects on the go at your place Karen! The Squash Squad project is gorgeous! I have never seen that one before!

  • I enjoy following Sue Spargo on Instagram. Looks like you have lots of pretties in the works. That sweater is a winner! We are still in Summer here, but that is usual.

  • Fiona says:

    I just love all the blocks… the stitching in the background of the black ones really makes a difference too….. such lovely patterns and something I would like to try… one day…. lovely jumper too…

  • Jenny Benton says:

    Lots of lovely stitching, as you always do. And I love your bright stripey knitting, looks so no and warm!

  • Raewyn says:

    Your projects are gorgeous! I bet they are all fun to work on :-)And yes, I am sure your GD will love her jersey when next winter comes around! It is good to hear that restrictions are easing in your region – it’s been a long haul hasn’t it?

  • White Rose says:

    Hi Karen gee you do some beautiful work,I love these blocks and wow what a lovely set you have knitted for your grand daughter ,it is a beautiful set,well done my friend ,and I am glad restrictions are lifting a bit more for you ,take care Karen xx

  • love those applique blocks! they are all amazing.
    Gorgeous rainbow jumper will definitley brighten up a winter’s day.


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