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Off The Radar

Posted on | December 5, 2017 | 13 Comments

Summer has started here with a bang – as in storms and rain. Our state had severe weather warnings out and there was a lot of rain in some areas as well as flooding. No flooding here but a lot of rain and the garden is happy. I know the weeds are growing fast.

I have completed a full set of Lynette Anderson’s stitched decorations in time for Christmas.

Each one now has its wooden button attached and is ready to be used as bowl fillers.

Some knitting has also been completed.

This knitted as a size 2 in lovely yarn from Bendigo Woolen Mills.

Not a lot else to report from here as the last two weeks have been quiet on the stitching front. I have been off the radar as hubby had full knee replacement surgery. Lots of trips to visit hospital and then time at home. I must say that I am amazed at how quick the recovery is. No crutches needed anymore and minimal pain. Now that I am not needed as much I will get back to reading and commenting.

How many days until Christmas?

Cheers, Karen



13 Responses to Off The Radar

  • Susan says: Those Christmas decorations are delightful Karen! I hope your husband is making a full recovery!
  • Linda says: So glad to hear the knee replacement has gone well. Great news!! The ornaments are adorable and the sweater is so sweet. Please don't tell me how many days until Christmas. I am already in a panic as it is!
  • sunny says: Glad to hear hubby is doing well. Looks like you had a perfectly portable project to work on while transporting/nursing. Cute stitcheries, and adorable little sweater!!
  • Anne says: Love the ornaments and the little cardigan is gorgeous. Glad to hear your husband had such a quick recovery
  • Raewyn says: What a lovely bunch of decorations - they're going to look great in a basket. I also love the wee cardie you have knitted- a perfect size for our girls :-) Glad to hear your garden has had a good drink and of course wonderful that your husband is healing so quickl.
  • Jenny Benton says: Such lovely little stitcheries - they will look wonderful displayed in bowls at this time of the year. Best wishes for hubby's recovery - and give yourself a pat on the back for being such a caring nurse!
  • Linda Dutch says: Very very pretty Xmas decorations!
  • Shez says: Hi Karen glad your hubby is going so well.Oh i love those gorgeous cushions they are so cute and the little pink cardi is gorgeous and you are a beautiful knitter,well done my friend xx
  • Fiona says: so glad Hubby's knee op went off well, the recovery is great and results good too.... he will be all okay for rowdy Christmas games? I love love love your gorgeous cushions... and perfect fabrics for them too. What a sweet jumper. I love how the patterns change on each side.... Hugz
  • Karen D Martin says: Love your bowl fillers--adorable!!!
  • Elaine/MuddlingThrough says: Your stitcheries and knitted sweater are just beautiful! Glad your husband is having a quick recovery! Merry Christmas!
  • Lesley says: Adore those little beauties! And you are such a beautiful knitter. So glad to hear that hubby is doing well!
  • Joan says: Such cute stitchery's and what a sweet little sweater. I picked up my knitting needles awhile back, but have a long way to go. You do a beautiful job. Glad to hear that Hubby is recovering well.

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