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An Angel, A Show And Photos.

Posted on | August 1, 2018 | 12 Comments

A mixed post today with all sorts!

There is another finish from the UFO collection. This is a Christmas Angel from Disa Designs. I have patterns for penguins, snowmen and santas from the same designer. I need to get stitching.

Her hair is made from little bells. There is a set of three, but I have not ventured that far.

Last week I spent a lovely day at the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair. I had a lovely time looking at all the stands and their tempting wares. I also enjoyed the quilt display. I have pics of just two of the lovely works.





















In both these examples I was amazed by the beautiful effects created with the stitching/quilting.






















Last of all, a couple more holiday snaps.


These first ones are from the Mirabell Palace Garden in Salzburg.






There is a series of these statues representing the different trades that were worked in the area when the palace was built.








We also travelled to Eagle’s Nest. This is the mountain top retreat built by Hitler in the Alps.






This is only part of the building – hard to get the full view without a drone.




The view was stunning.





Our tour started somewhere down in the valley.





A view from the dining room.

I am slowly getting back to stitching. I am surprised at how long it is taking me to get going. Can’t keep blaming jet lag forever!

Cheers, Karen



12 Responses to An Angel, A Show And Photos.

  • shez says: Hi Karen I am enjoying your holiday pics thankyou for sharing them with us. Oh my how cute is your angel,love her,well done my friend xx
  • Susan Snooks says: Your holiday snaps are wonderful Karen! And thanks for the quilt photos. I didn't manage to get to the Show this year. Happy sewing!
  • Kaholly says: Enjoyed all the photos! It’s the only way I’ll get to travel!
  • Karen D Martin says: What an amazing view--stunning! I love your angel's sweet smile, very cute!!
  • Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting says: Karen, your angel's bell hair makes it especially sweet! And those two quilts! Breathtaking!!!
  • Fiona says: you are doing well with your Christmas Ufo's…. that angel is so fun with ringing hair.... loved the quilts...and seeing some of the detail of the quilting... so much work.... great holiday snaps, what incredible views... Hugz
  • Kyle says: A cute holiday angel. One down. How many to go? :0) What awesome quilts from the show. I can't even imagine doing anything like or having the capability to. Love seeing your holiday pics.
  • Jeanette says: Cute angel. Love the holiday photo's. Hugs, xx
  • sunny says: Those quilts are amazing! Something to aspire to if I live long enough. Your trip looks pretty amazing, too. The views from the mountains, the gardens, just everything. Thanks for sharing other parts of the world.
  • Frances says: Your angel is wonderful and I cant wait to see the others!! The quilting on the second quilt is so inspiring. I like the idea of fireworks popping thru the piecing. The view in your vacation pics is amazing. I bet it was fun to just sit and look around you.
  • Anita says: Beautiful photos, and your holiday photos looked amazing!!!!! The mountains are something else aren't they!!! Interesting about Hitler's retreat. Such history. Thanks for sharing. x
  • Mary Marcotte says: Love the angel, too. Hitler's retreat is in a stunning view. I could look at the mountains forever. I'm wondering if it feels strange to visit a place with that much beauty, mystery and history, especially knowing what we do now.

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