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Back To Stitching.

Posted on | July 24, 2018 | 12 Comments

Yes, back to stitching, but in a small way. After coming home from our travels I decided to hunt up a few UFOs and get them done.

This is one I made with Keryn of Cubby House Designs quite a while back and I had not realised it was sitting in the UFO pile. It is now ready for hanging at Christmas time.

I have found several others that only need a little bit of work to finish them. Glad they turned up. More to come!

The next part of the post is holiday related – some serious pics and a few sillies. Hope you have a sense of humour.

We had a great time in Berlin and one of the tours we enjoyed was the Reichstag dome (Germany’s parliament). The dome was built as a symbol of the reunification of Germany.

The dome is on the top of the parliament building and you can look down through the building to see the members of parliament meeting. There is a spiral walkway going up to the top of the dome.

This is the mirrored centre of the dome.

There are great views from all parts of the dome. Something we did notice in many cities in Europe was that there are no skyscrapers  as we know them. Coming from a city that is full of skyscrapers it was refreshing to have a limit on the number of storeys allowed.

One part of a photographic display that was fascinating was a picture of the damage done to this very building during WW11.

You can read more at Wikipedia.

Our next stop was Salzburg in Austria. Love their sense of humour. We have always had issues with Australia and Austria being confused – at Olympics, Government meetings – even getting our anthems mixed up. I like the way the Austrians have laughed at it.

We did a great tour of the old  city. That’s it with the castle atop a hill behind it.

It was full of squares surrounded by buildings. This is Mozart Square.

There were so many lane ways that it was a like a maze. Each time you went through a lane or passageway you came out in another square where you would find amazing buildings like this church.

The lanes had many shops and their wares were advertised with hanging wrought iron signs. Some were very old but others quite new.

Pick the golden arches sign below.

Back to bridge from an earlier photo, here are all the locks  along each side.

And here is the stunning view  each way along the river.


I will leave you with the last photo of something that puzzled me. In nearly every shop there would be plastic ducks decorated as any character  you could think of. I never found out why the ducks were a particular theme that was repeated throughout the city, but would love to know.

Cheers, Karen





12 Responses to Back To Stitching.

  • Your Christmas stitchery is cuteness! And what a lovely vacation you had. Thank you for sharing all the gorgeous scenery. Love the no kangaroos! And the padlocks. The ducks? No clue!

  • Frances says:

    There are SO many things that I want to like in this post!!! Salzburg looks amazing and I love the architecture in the German Parliament!! So glad that you are home and getting back to some creative time. Thanks for your comments on my blog posts. I am still not getting email notifications!!!

  • Jeanette says:

    Love your finish. So cute. Fabulous photo’s of your trip away. Nice to be able to see out over a city with views being impeded by skyscrapers. Hugs,xx

  • Just a couple of questions. Why the locks? And was the dome scary? I got a little nauseous looking at your pictures. (I’m terrified of heights.) The views are beautiful, though. Last one, what is the name of that church? I’ve got to look it up!

  • Kyle says:

    Great travel photos. There are so many wonderful places to visit. Your Noel Christmas piece is super cute. You’re ready for the holidays! I hope you bought one of the kangaroo signs.

  • Shez says:

    Hi Karen what a cute finish ,love your work,well done my friend and thankyou for sharing your holiday pics xx

  • Fiona says:

    Its so fun seeing your pictures … such interesting buildings…
    Love your little Christmas sign…

  • Jenny Benton says:

    Great to get a Christmas project finished early. Thanks for sharing some holiday pics, it’s always nice to see other countries buildings and sights.

  • Joan says:

    Ohhhhh…I LOVE your “Noel” hanging. That is just too darn cute! Fun reading about your adventurers in Germany too. I had to laugh at the No Kangaroo photo. My first thought was, I didn’t know there were Kangaroos in Austria. LOL!!!! Guess not. :-) I almost think I remember a story on the news about them having to remove all the locks a few year back because there were so many on the bridge.

  • Cheryl says:

    Loved hearing about your wonderful travels Karen. What a fantastic trip. Love Keryns little hanging duo. Gorgeous finish. Nice to get some ufos done

  • Susan Snooks says:

    Thanks for a fun post Karen! So much to comment on..the cute Noel sign is just delightful! What an amazing city Berlin must be! I agree, there is a different feel in cities with fewer high rise buildings, isn’t there? I remember loving Salzburg when I was there nearly forty years ago, and it doesn’t look like it has changed too much, which is a refreshing thought in itself! Lovely to have you back!

  • I visited a very different Berlin to this when on my travels back in 1971 when the wall was still up. What a lovely city it looks and hope you had a lovely time.


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