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Trees, Bits And Bobs …..And Castle Views.

Posted on | August 8, 2018 | 18 Comments

There was a hiccup or two here and I had a few days where I could not leave comments on your blogs. All fixed now so I am having a session of posting, commenting and replying all in one day.

Another Christmas UFO. This is a string of Santa sitting in felt mittens and stockings. It strings up over a metre.

Now I have to find somewhere to hang them!

This next one is a crochet blanket I have worked on for a while. It was the Spicier Life CAL. Mine is made in Bendigo 8 ply cotton.

As you can see my sides are a bit wonky but I am still pleased to have a finish.

I seem to be working on  a lot of different projects. Lots of progress but not a lot of finishes.  I have been trying out different stitches on the wool trees from the Wendy Williams project.

I have been stitching around every tree. From left to right – bullions, chain and whipped chain stitch. Takes ages for each one.

I am also pleased to be getting back to making some of my larger quilts. Hopefully some pictures soon.

Now for castles. We saw a few on our travels and I especially loved the views from them. Of course they were always built in places where they had a good view of any approaching danger, but in the current times that now means delightful views.

Hohenwerfen in Austria. Go to the Wikipedia link for a view of the whole castle. (You need a plane to get a good overall view.)

I would happily have any of these views out my window each day. Mind you, the walk up and down the hill each day would be a killer!




Neuschwanstein Castle. Here is the Wikipedia link.  

This is the castle built by King Ludwig II in Germany and is said to have inspired Walt Disney and his Sleeping Beauty castle. Only a few outside shots as photos were not allowed in the interior ( which was magnificent!).

But this is the view.

Right in the middle of the photo there is another castle. This is where the king grew up – only a hill top away. And the next castle we visited.

Hohenschangau Castle. Another Wikipedia link.

Once again, no pics inside but it was amazing.


Just imagine growing up here. And of course, beautiful views.

We were lucky to see all three castles on lovely days and it was only towards the end of the third one that we experienced a little rain. Still did not spoil the view.

History lesson over. Time to visit and comment.

Cheers, Karen





18 Responses to Trees, Bits And Bobs …..And Castle Views.

  • wendy says:

    arghhhh! Christmas! I’m going to pretend I didn’t see that ;-)
    Love the blanket, I really should get back to mine!

  • Kaholly says:

    The diversity of your work is amazing, and very inspirational. Love the afghan! Notice the swirls in the background. I’m swirling right now and it took forever for me to become comfortable with it. The first half of the (little) quilt, I considered it torture, lol. The secon half is going much more smoothly. Are these castles still in use as homes? They truly are magnificent. I can’t imagine living in one.

  • Love the little Santa string. I bet it will be sweet strung up on your tree!
    I’ve always wanted to visit a castle. A real castle, and though I’m afraid of heights, I want a lookout from a turret. Doesn’t seem like much to ask…except my husband’s fear has something to do with plane crashes.

  • Frances says:

    I love your Santas and trees!! And, a view of the mountains is always my favorite!!

  • Kyle says:

    What amazing views from those fairy tale castles. Who can imagine life living there. Cute little Santas. Ready for the holidays.

  • Wow! What beautiful castle pictures and landscapes, amazing. Love your crochet blanket it is really pretty and looks like a perfect cuddly cover! I like all your pretty handwork Christmas goodies, too. You are busy!

  • sunny says:

    What amazing castle views! I would love to take ta trip like that. Your little santas are adorable. I always have multiple projects in progress, so I know what you mean about not having many finishes. They all come at once, it seems.

  • Jeanette says:

    Love the Santa’s, they are so cute. The rug is gorgeous. The tree’s look great. Fabulous photo’s from your trip. Hugs,xx

  • Fiona says:

    great to see those castles… it’s amazing to think of them as homes…. such stunning views… it would be hard to choose which window to sit at to sew! I love the textures in your crochet blanket… I can only do very simple strips…. as for your wool trees…. just lovely… but all those bullions makes me doubt your sanity!! haha… very cute Santas with a lot of work in there….

  • Wow! Fantastic photos Karen! I do love those cute Santas…they would make cute ornies on their own. Your rug is beautiful too. Hope you are all fixed now xx

  • Jenny Benton says:

    Love your string of little Santa’s, finished nice and early for Christmas. And castles are always so marvelous to see, not something we come across at home in Australia or New Zealand.

  • Karen D Martin says:

    What a wonderful trip–I’m sure it was exciting to see those awesome castles! All your projects are so cute. I especially love your crochet blanket–beautiful!

  • Joan says:

    Those little Santas in mittens are just too cute and that crocheted blanket is beautiful. What a labor of love. I have to say after looking at those castle photos…I think all of us quilters and crafters need to live in castles. Maybe, just maybe there would be enough room for our supplies and a place to work in! LOL!!!!

  • Joan says:

    Those little Santa’s in mittens are just too cute, and that crocheted blanket is beautiful. I have to say…after looking at the castle photos, I do think that all of us quilters and crafters need to live in a castle. Maybe, just maybe there would be enough room for all our supplies and a place to work then. LOL!!!!!!

  • Karen, your santas are the cutest swag ever! That crocheted afghan looks like it was a ton of fun to make, with such variety from row to row. Beautiful embroidery. And I loved seeing your photos of the castles!!!

  • shez says:

    Awesome post Karen,loving your holiday pics. Awwh those Santa’s are so cute and love the crochet blanket,well done my friends xx

  • Susan Snooks says:

    The crocheted blanket is lovely Karen! Such pretty colours!

  • Cheryl says:

    Always love seeing the gorgeous things you’re working on Karen and of course love the Santa swag. Wonderful to see photos from your trip also


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