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Many Thanks And A GO! Give Away.

Posted on | August 26, 2011 | 3 Comments

All has returned to some sort of normal here after the craziness and fun of guest posting with Madame Samm.

I would like to say a very BIG thank you to all the wonderful people who visited my blog, became followers and left comments. I hope I have replied to all. I am now enjoying cruising around visiting many, many new to me blogs.

Thank you also to all the lovely people who left comments about my post over at Sew We Quilt. I have read through them and am hoping to visit many of  those sites, too.

I have a very BIG hug and a special thank you for Madame Samm for inviting me to be a guest during her Wantobe Quilter’s Campaign. I am extremely thankful to you, Madame Samm!

A big thank you also to the sponsors who provided the prizes for my guest post – Free Spirit and Beam N Read. Lovely prizes!

The next bit of information is about a GO! give away.

You will need to visit the wonderful Joan over at Moose Stash Quilting.

The give away closes on Friday, September 2nd, so hurry on over.

And while you are there, have a look around at all her wonderful projects and tutorials. Joan makes so many wonderful things and I think she has a lot of fun doing it!!

Enjoy your visit.

3 Responses to Many Thanks And A GO! Give Away.

  • Joan says: Wowie girlie!! I think I was follower #3 the other day when I signed up!! Congrats on a great following. And what a wonderful blog to follow. Thanks for the shout out for the give away on my blog! I am very excited to see who is my big winner!
  • Karen says: I said so before, it is a seriously gorgeous quilt! Want to put it into pattern form so that I can buy it and don't have to do the math myself????? Have you seen how many comments were made on your post - of course you have - omg!! You are now famous.
  • Rachaeldaisy says: Can I say I knew you before you were famous? Congratulations on all the fun excitement!! Wouldn't a Go Cutter be fun...

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