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A Delightful Variation On Stitching.

Posted on | December 31, 2015 | 12 Comments

I have ended the year with some lovely time spent with friends sharing similar interests.

We went to see the film The Dressmaker on Sunday. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I then downloaded the book to my Kindle and read it. Then yesterday we drove over to the other side of Melbourne to Barwon Park Mansion to see the costume display from the movie.

The Dressmaker Costume Display (10) 2015

It was a very hot day and you can see how dry the grounds are. But the home itself is constructed from blue-stone and is very cool inside.

When you enter the front doors you are met with this costume which Tilly wore to the football match.

The Dressmaker Costume Display (11) 2015

The wedding party.

The Dressmaker Costume Display (15) 2015

Loved this costume.

The Dressmaker Costume Display (8) 2015

The building had beautiful features and I would like to go back to see it set up with original furniture when the display has finished.


The Dressmaker Costume Display (9) 2015

Here are just a few more costumes.

The Dressmaker Costume Display (14) 2015

The Dressmaker Costume Display (13) 2015

The Dressmaker Costume Display (12) 2015

The display was wonderful and I am impressed with the beautiful workmanship in all these 50s designs.

It was interesting to see how different the colours were in the real costumes compared to their appearance on screen. We were quite surprised at how the lighting for the filming totally changed their colours.

It is another day of extreme heat and fire danger here, so I hope everyone can stay safe and cool.

Very best wishes to everyone for a safe and Happy New Year.

Cheers, Karen.



12 Responses to A Delightful Variation On Stitching.

  • Bev says: Hello Karen, How lucky you are to see the costumes in real life. Was the book the same as the movie would love to hear your review on it. Fingers crossed for the fire situation. All the best for 2016. Happy days. Bev.
  • Anita says: How lovely that mansion is and the costumes are out of this world. The clothing seemed very glamorous in those times. Over in the west here, we are having horrid weather too with the heat. Today it is only 32C but we've been having the 40+ temps. Prayers we have no bad fires. Cheers, Anita.
  • Heidi says: What a delightful post! I read The Dressmaker recently and look forward to seeing the movie although I am not sure when it will be available here in US. Wonderful to see these designs and how different they are from how I imagined as I read them described in the book! Thank you for sharing!
  • Shez says: Chi Karen,wow how lucky to see all the costumes,I loved this movie,happy new year my friend xx
  • michelle from Rag-tag Stitchin' says: What a great treat. I loved the movie too. I have the book here waiting to be read. HAPPY NEW YEAR XXX
  • Rachaeldaisy says: I really want to see the movie but maybe I should read the book first.. Your day out looks wonderful, costumes in a beautiful setting. Wishing you a Happy New Year.
  • Mary says: I hadn't heard of The Dressmaker and was surprised to find there are two books out with that title--and both seem very interesting! I will have to see the movie when it comes out, but I may start with the book since it's available now. How lucky that you got to see the costumes, especially in that beautiful mansion. Happy New Year!
  • Fiona says: Oh how lovely to have gone to see the costumes... I loved the movie. so lovely to have seen these with you.. thx Hugz
  • Elaine/MuddlingThrough says: Oh, my! What a wonderful outing! Makes me want to see the movie. The costumes are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.
  • Carla says: Happy new Year! That house is jaw dropping. So beautiful and grand. Sounds like a movie I would enjoy too. I will have to look for it ; )
  • Joan says: Oh my, I see hours and hours of work in these stunning costumes. Works of art for sure!
  • marina says: what alovely way to end the year! thanks for taking us along for the display. Haven't seen the movie yet...

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