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Bare Bunnies.

Posted on | April 14, 2011 | 8 Comments

With Easter fast approaching I have selected these bunnies to join the picnic at The House On The Side Of The Hill today.  I am hoping to have them dressed by the time Easter comes so they can join their cousin, the Easter Bunny.  Maybe overalls or ……..?

I have unashamedly photographed them on my Pink Snowball quilt. Thank you for all the lovely comments on my previous post regarding its publication in Handmade Magazine.

We may have to take umbrellas to the picnic, unless the drizzle disappears soon.  Wait, there may be a little peek of sunshine.  See you there!

8 Responses to Bare Bunnies.

  • Melody says: Beautiful dear little bunnies. I agree they need some clothes, it's getting pretty chilly now. Thanks so much for coming on the picnic.
  • michelle rag-tag stitchin' says: They are a cute little bunch and look all set to join in all the fun. I think they could get up to mischief all together.
  • Karen says: Oh so cute but definitely a bit chilly. Corduroy overalls and winter twill pinnies will be required if this weather stays this way. Love the quilt too. And I dont "do" pink but this I like a lot.
  • mistea says: Love your little bare bunnies - but they really do need their fur coats to go out there today - it is cold here, even though the sun has decided to show her face.
  • elliek says: Think they may be abit chilly if they don't put at least a scarf on! They are so cute!
  • Sunnybec says: OMG nudity in blog land!!!!! Get some clothes on them quick!! You show off your quilt as much as you want, it's lovely and you do right to be proud of it. It's sunny here at last our summer is arriving. Hugs
  • Briar Rose says: Cute little Triplet Bunnies, they will look gorgeous dressed in their best for Easter cheers R
  • Joan Kawano says: I love this picture. Shouldn't it have a X rating though?? hahahahahaha You beautiful snowball quilt in the background how perfect is that. I can't find the magazine with your quilt in it here in the States yet, but I will keep searching!

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