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Stitching Progress.

Posted on | May 29, 2018 | 16 Comments

I am making a lot of stitching progress on a variety of projects this week.

The next wool project I have taken on is another Wendy Williams design called Flocks By Night.

I have started on the centre panel and am using wool. I will make the surrounding stars later.

I have attached all the trees and houses. Now I have the big task of attaching all the circles to each tree. After that I can start decorating.

I am learning to be patient with this one.

I have completed two embroideries designed by Michelle Ridgway – Rag Tag Stitchin’.

My plan is to turn these into little cushions.

Both have been stitched in a Perle thread from Cottage Garden Threads.

These snowies are so cute!

After all the work on the recently framed embroideries I have returned to a long forgotten project and have completed another block.

I think I have about 7 of these completed now. This is from a booklet called All Creatures Great and Small. It is by Natalie Bird from Birdhouse Designs.

That’s it for the stitching report.

I gather some people are having problems with comments, replies and emails and also have concerns re the new EU regulations regarding privacy. Well, this will be my test to see how WordPress have handled it. Good luck everyone.

Cheers, Karen










16 Responses to Stitching Progress.

  • Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts says: Your embroideries are just wonderful, as always. The new wool project is just the cutest. I love the quirkiness of those houses and trees!
  • shez says: Hi Karen beautiful work my friend,love all your projects ,your wool one looks interesting xx
  • Gone stitchin says: You've been busy on some wonderful projects...well done ... xox
  • Anne says: All your projects are gorgeous. I especially love the all creatures great and small embroidery and have a soft spot for snow men
  • Cheryl says: Always love the gorgeous projects you're working on Karen
  • Susan says: I hope you receive this comment Karen. Mine are all on my blog but I have not received the email notification. Ugh!!! Craziness. If Wordpress plays along, maybe I’ll need to move across.... Your stitching is so lovely. I do like the look of the Wendy Williams one, especially.
  • Lesley says: Karen, your wool piece is fabulous! I can see why you have to be patient, but those circles on the trees add so much pizazz to the project! Love the embroideries. Michelle has some great designs.
  • Christine M says: I love your new wool project, Karen. Your stitcheries are lovely too.
  • sunny says: That's a lot of tiny little circles! Have fun with them. Great work on all the hand stitching. I need to start something new, because I'm running out of hand work!
  • Joan says: Testing testing right back at you! LOL!! What a mess this whole EU/GDPR is making for us little bloggers. We shall carry on though. There is no keeping a quilter quiet! hahaha I love love love your new little woolie. What a bright and cheery little town your stitching up. And those always are just too cute!
  • Jenny Benton says: I love Michelle's designs and have stitched up her Christmas ABC series, just need to assemble them now. As for the blog comments, these seem to be going through OK, I think the problem is that they are no longer going to your email list as well, as they used to. This of course made it easy to send an answer back.
  • Fiona says: I have one of Wendy's designs in a magazine I want to do one fine day.... your trees look wonderful... I love all those circles. Lotsof lovely stitcheries.... I love both those designers works... Hugz
  • Kyle Redente says: Fun embroidery! But the wool....fabulous!
  • Elaine/MuddlingThrough says: Thank looks like a lot of progress to me! It is all so pretty, and such detail!
  • Raewyn says: You have been busy - a nice variety of projects. What a great 'night' fabric for your Wendy Williams project, it looks like it will be a fun sew! Beautiful stitcheries too.
  • Ellie says: Hi, Karen. Lovely work. Actually, in my spare time, I love to do the stitching. Always I use to stitch by reusing the old clothes. In your post, I like the one stitched in a Perle thread.

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