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Tigers And AQC.

Posted on | April 19, 2016 | 12 Comments

Football season started here several weeks ago and it turns out that  our 4yo grandson needed a hat and scarf to support his team. The lovely part is he has chosen his team purely because of the animal emblem representing it – a tiger. So now it appears he will be a Richmond supporter.

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Tigers hat and scarf

When I was part way through the knitting I was showing him what I was making. He grinned from ear to ear and then made an additional request for a softie he could cuddle in bed. He even showed me what it should look like.

So this is the end result.

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Knitted Tiger

I do hope he enjoys supporting his team.

Last week we had the amazing Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne. I spent a lovely day viewing quilts and visiting stall holders – and making a few little purchases.

One of the highlights for me was seeing Rachael’s wonderful Blooming Doilies quilt on display. I have seen the photos on her blog and read about the process, so it was great to be able to view it up close to see the detail and workmanship involved. What a pleasure it was. Thanks, Rachael.

AQS 2016 (5) - Rachael's Quilt

AQS 2016 (6) - Rachael's quilt

Visit Rachael’s blog, Blue Mountain Daisy, to see more of her stunning work.

I have also been playing with paper and have completed another book. I have been chatting with a friend about the beautiful handmade cards we are given over the years. We collect them in a box, but that’s all we do. So we decided we needed a way to display them. Chris designed a book to store and display our card collections. The book could easily be used for photos, too, but I need mine for cards. It has lots of pockets and fold out pages for plenty of storage.

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Christmas Collection Book 2016 (2)

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Christmas Collection Book 2016 (5)

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Christmas Collection Book 2016 (4)

Sunburnt Quilts 2016 - Christmas Collection Book 2016 (1)

My task now is to sort out all the cards and add them to this journal.

Just to finish off this post I will add another picture from the quilt show. This amazing quilt by Susan Carlson is over 6 metres long and looks stunning.  I have included a close up of the work involved.

AQS 2016 (14)

AQS 2016 (16)

AQS 2016 (15)

We have had some exciting news in the last few days. Our US family is coming over  in July for three weeks. There is something special about having your whole family together in one place. Can you see the big smile on my face?

Cheers, Karen




12 Responses to Tigers And AQC.

  • Anita says:

    Oh I missed this post Karen!!!! I love the knitted tiger. How nice you’ve given a helping hand to decide the choice of footy team!! lol Looks great. I bet that quilt show was awesome, the pieces are stunning.

  • Raewyn says:

    How exciting that your family will be visiting!!! Love the ‘supporters’ gear for your grandson.. and the matching softie – too cute! Looks like AQC was a great event if the 2 quilts you have shown are anything to go by. Good idea for card storage, such a cute holder.

  • What a great post, so many wonderful things to see! Love your grandson’s new outfit and softie. He has a very talented grandmother! And the quilt displays – oh my. Just gorgeous. The crocodile is really beautiful, such art! And the Blooming Doilies is indeed beautiful. I’ll have to go take a look at that blog now. ;) Great card storage book, too.

  • Joan says:

    What a bright and cheery tiger supporter he will be! LOL!! Love his little matching softie too! That card book is the perfect way to store those beautiful cards.
    I LOVE that croc quilt! Wowziers.

  • Well done Nana! A wonderful complete Tiger fan ensemble! Sooo cute! Beautiful quikts and I love your card books. I can see your smile from here….that’s so exciting for you all xx

  • Fiona says:

    oh what exciting news for you… that’s going to be such fun. I love grandies new footy supporting clothes and his way of choosing the best team! Lovely to see that red and white quilt and the amazing stevie quilt..

  • Rachaeldaisy says:

    That little tiger is so sweet!! I love that your grandson helped design it. Your card book is a work of art in itself! The crocodile quilt is breath taking, I hope I get to see it one day. Thank you for saying such lovely things about my quilt and for including a photo of the card, I hadn’t seen what it looked like and I did wonder about it. That is exciting news for you to have all your family together in July. You’ll have fun planning things to do.

  • kelly says:

    How cute is that little tiger? The hat and mittens too! What a great idea for cards. You are right, mine are in a drawer.
    Rachael’s quilts are always amazing. How fun you got to see one in person!

  • Suz says:

    Love the tiger for the Richmond supporter! I hope they can win a few more games to make your knitting all worthwhile!

  • Cheryl says:

    No wonder your grandson was smiling Karen – his knew beanie, scarf and softie are wonderful. And what a great idea a wonderful book to keep your cards in. Lucky you getting to AQC

  • Lesley says:

    Love what yyou knit your grandson! Thanks for the pics from the show…both quilts are stunning! Yay for your US family coming to visit!

  • Shez says:

    yes i can see you smiling from here my friend,oh i love your grandie’s new hat,scarf and little tiger,oh you are so clever Karen and your card book is stunning,such beautiful finishes my friend.
    Yes rachael’s quilt is stunning another very clever lady xx


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