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Is It Really Winter?

Posted on | July 13, 2013 | 14 Comments

I am really in two minds as to what season it is at the moment. I know it is officially Winter and today is suitably cold, but all sorts of odd things are happening.

Last week we had our hottest July day on record. So of course we were getting around in short sleeves on several days.

Our trees still have Autumn leaves on them. The leaves have not been prepared to let go even with some extremely windy days.



This weather seems to have worked well for our citrus trees.  They may be small trees but all have decent crops ripening on the branches.












A few days back I joined a couple of friends for a day of playing with paper.  We made this delightful Christmas decoration.  I think it is the same one that was on the front of one of the Stampin”Up  mini catalogues.



Lots of sewing happening here but no finishes. Hopefully I can show some completed projects in a few days.


14 Responses to Is It Really Winter?

  • Shez says: yes my hubby reckons its spring weather we are chaving,your tree's look great,lots of fruit vand wow love the flower you made.xx
  • Bev C says: Hello Karen, I am sure the weather likes to tease us at times. Great to see you playing with paper, you clever lady. Happy days. Bev.
  • Rachaeldaisy says: Short sleeves in Melbourne winter?!? That's hard to believe. Your citrus trees certainly look very happy. You make such pretty things with paper!!
  • Anita says: Even though the leaves don't want to let go from the tree, their colours look interesting. Love the citrus trees and gorgeous paper creation. Looks dainty. Cheers, Anita.
  • Joan says: Wow, those are wonderful looking fruits on your trees. I am so jealous. And off those fall colors. I do enjoy seeing the leaves change colors. Looks like you had great fun playing with paper. I "LOVE" your ornie.
  • Sunnybec says: Oh how I wish our winters were like yours... We are having lovely weather at the moment and looks set to last for at least another week, hopefully this year we will be able to attend some of the events that were a washout last year. I love your Christmas decoration is gorgeous, I haven't done anything for Christmas yet EEKK better get on with it! Hugs xx
  • Denise in PA says: It's sound so funny to hear you say "winter"! I just stuck my head out the door after a 15 minutes monsoon, and it is so hot and humid and just yuck out!! Love that ornament - it's making me feel cooler - LOL!
  • Fiona says: lovely pictures... i wish my citrus looked at healthy as yours... only my limes are doing their thing... very strange weather..we were lovely and warm but it has cooled down again now... beautiful sunshine though... Hugz
  • Frances says: We have just the opposite was one of the coolest July days that I can remember!!
  • michelle of rag-tag stitchin' says: Looks like your citrus tress are loving the weather...lots of nice fruit on them. Your Chrissy dec. is gorgeous. My bestie loves Stampin up too.
  • Patti says: Love the photos of your citrus trees! We can't grow them here, so I only see lemons and oranges in the grocery store. Really pretty Christmas decoration too, Karen!
  • Suz says: These sunny, still days are SO unlike Southern Hemisphere winters, aren't they? Your citrus trees are amazing! Enjoy all that fruit- it will keep the colds away!
  • Elaine/MuddlingThrough says: What a great little citrus "farm" you have there! Your fruit looks wonderful, and the paper piece is so pretty!
  • Linda King says: If that is winter, I'll take it. LOL. Love your Christmas ornament!

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