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Bits And Bobs.

Posted on | May 2, 2017 | 1 Comment

Bits and pieces seems to be the way  my sewing and crafting weeks are going at the moment.

I have finished another one of these crochet bunnies, but this time have added some coloured yarn as well.

I saw several variations of this pattern on Pinterest and liked the inclusion of coloured stripes.

I have managed to complete the first of the wool applique pieces from Bonnie Sullivan.

I have several that I am going to make and rather than turn each into a framed piece I am going to incorporate them into a quilt.

Now for some knitting.

I had a ball of the bamboo blend yarn left over from making a dress for our grandie last year. She now has a hat to match.

The pattern is interesting as it is knitted as a corner to corner design. It creates a great texture.

Last of all, two dozen toiletry bags.

My sister volunteers with Red Cross and works with many refugee groups. They have had bags of toiletry items donated but they are in clear plastic bags. We thought it would be an idea to put them into something more pleasant and appealing. Not sure how many will be needed but this is a start.

The Winter woollies are out here and the heating is on. Even so, my trees are still not showing any signs of Autumn.

We are getting a lot of entertainment from our nature strip this week. It is our week for hard rubbish collection and so many residents have unwanted items on their nature strips waiting for council collection. We seem to get between 30 and 40 cars a day coming into our little court checking the piles for treasure. Each has their own method and thankfully the majority are considerate and tidy. I am just happy to have a way to dispose of items too big for the bin. If someone else can recycle them, then good luck.

Cheers for now, Karen




One Response to Bits And Bobs.

  • Joan says:

    Oh, I love that bunnie. He looks like he’s wearing a mask! LOL!! What a great way to share with refugee groups. I know that the girls anyway will appreciate those lovely bags. And that wool work…gorgeous!


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