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A Quick March.

Posted on | March 31, 2022 | 10 Comments

Everything seems to be moving along very quickly – including the month of March. I know we are trying to catch up on all we have missed during lock downs and so there are a lot of requests for social activities. But also I think we became very comfortable with the slow pace of lock downs and now we are finding it hard to return to being busy. I am surprised that I am only just sneaking this post in at the end of March.

Along with all the new projects I mentioned starting last time, there were a few extras in the knitting area. The first one was this gorgeous little Tea Room Bear.

There is an extra pattern for his jacket. But the scarf and overalls are part of the original pattern.

Even as an undressed bear he is still adorable.

This is a pattern from Mary Jane’s Tearoom. Mine is the 8in Tearoom Bear.

The next ones are From Little Cotton Rabbits. It is a pattern that can be either a bear or a rabbit. It can also be knitted as dressed or not.

The clothes are actually knitted on to the doll. These ones are getting ready to be part of the Easter activities.

And on a totally different note, a while back I mentioned growing some marble corn. I left the ears on the stem to dry out and finally picked them. They didn’t end up as colourful as the picture selling them, but still came in with some interesting results.

I am now curious to see what will happen next season when planted. Not sure if they will take on more or less colour.

I can’t believe Easter is nearly around the corner. And just this week the leaves have started to show their Autumn colours.

Enjoy the weekend. Cheers, Karen

10 Responses to A Quick March.

  • Such sweet bunnies and teddy!!! You did a great job on all those detail, Karen! And the corn turned out picture perfect!!!

  • I love your bear and that outfit! The bunnies are so cute, too. Great work. I know what you mean. It is hard to crank myself up these days, too. Hugs, my friend!

  • Susan Snooks says:

    Your bears and bunnies are so cute Karen! As others have asked, did you eat the corn? I might need to add these to my list of veggies to grow next year.

  • Tea room ted is adorable and the bunnies so sweet! The corn is very interesting…always wondered about it when I have seen displays in US country magazines! Enjoy your outings xx

  • Pink Rose says:

    Hi KaRen omg these are adorable ,what lucky grandchildren they will have so much fun dressing and undressing these,well done on your beautiful and very cute finishes .
    Oh wow I have never seen corn these colours before ,I hope they tasted nice,hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend

  • Marina says:

    things seem to be moving very fast that’s for sure.
    love your little knitted treasures, so cute.
    Corn looks so pretty. Will you use them for decoration or as food lol

  • Jeanette says:

    Oh they are just so cute & adorable. The corn looks interesting, is it edible? Hugs, xx

  • Jenny Benton says:

    I always admire people who can knit toys, probably too fiddly for me to cope with. Yours have turned out lovely. Pretty corn, I guess it will last a while now it has dried out? These corn cobs will make a pretty display. Yes, March is over, its April Fools Day today!

  • Kyle says:

    Bears and bunnies, so cute. I’m not much of a knitter so your little friends are amazing.

  • Fiona says:

    How sweet are the bear and bunnies…. I admire the small detailed work. Do you eat that corn… it does look fun… I do agree that I am enjoying continuing with a low paced life


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