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Spring Flowers.

Posted on | November 22, 2016 | 11 Comments

The flowers I have referred to are not the real kind. They are embroidered.

This is the embroidery I have been working on for ages. It is finally completed.


I wanted a photo before it is framed. It is quite tricky once there is glass in between.

All the flowers are embroidered using one strand of thread, hence the reason for the time it has taken.

I plan to work on a few simple stitcheries for a while now, just for a break.

I also managed to complete the last of this collection of Christmas decorations – the green trees ( and a stray thrown in).


Our strawberries are still growing madly and I have made three batches of jam in a week. I may as well make the most of it as they will soon slow down.

Thankfully we are still getting rain to keep the garden well watered.

Have a great week.

Cheers, Karen




11 Responses to Spring Flowers.

  • Suz says: Plenty of rain, well drizzle, down here today, after yesterday's heat! I love your embroidery Karen! ONE strand- I can't imagine the hours of work in your pretty bouquet!
  • Shez says: Hi Karen,wow your stitchery is amazing,I love the Xmas decorations,well done my friend xx
  • Anita says: OMG! One strand! Well done Karen! It looks spectacular, gorgeous colours and it will look wonderful handing in a frame. Cute Christmas decorations, love the buttons and stitching on the trees. We've got the real hot weather going on over our way, all the ingredients for bushfire season.
  • Lesley says: Beautiful embroidery, and the trees and the little camper are precious!
  • Joan says: Those flowers are gorgeous! One strand of thread for stitching you say???? Yikes, I applaud you because here, there would likely be 1 partial flower and I would have given up! LOL!!! Job well done! Your little felties are so cute. I've got a friend who is crazy over campers!
  • sunny says: Absolutely gorgeous! Wow. I'm getting prepped to start on some flowers, but they won't be that beautiful. You're entitled to take a short break. very short.
  • Rachaeldaisy says: Oh Karen, your embroidery is so beautiful!! The flowers are so real. I;m impressed that its all done with one strand. Its a wonder you ever finished it at all. Your Christmas decorations are so fun. It looks as though someone is having a holiday amongst the trees.
  • Fiona says: oh my gosh that embroidery is breathe takingly gorgeous.... what a lot of work and so beautifully done.... it will be lovely framed up... the trees are great too.... so effective.. Hugz
  • michelle from Rag-tag Stitchin' says: Magnificent! You must be so pleased. Love the little ornies tooo....the ring in is very cute x
  • Raewyn says: Your stitching is Beautiful!!! Such a lovely finisn, it will look superb framed and behind glass :-) Your felt ornies are lovely too as is Your Crazy Eights quilt - you really are racking up some finishes!
  • Mary Marcotte says: Oh, what beauties! Such wonderful work! You have a gift, really. It's as good as the antique embroideries I've seen in museums. Your ornaments just keep getting better and better, but that camper is just too cute!

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