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March Fires.

Posted on | March 5, 2019 | 15 Comments

It has been a hot and hair raising start to March in our area. Lightning strikes started several fires in the state park only a few kilometers from where we live.

This was the view from the car when I first spotted the smoke.

By the time I had arrived home the view had changed drastically.

An hour later the sky was black. The fire near us was in the Bunyip State Park. Unfortunately it moved into farm areas and at least seven homes were lost.

The fire is still burning but thankfully has slowed and no properties are facing any danger. It looks like it will take weeks to put out and there is no rain in sight. It is a credit to all fighting the fires that no lives were lost. They are amazing in the work they do.

We seem to be on the flight path for all the helicopters travelling to and from the area. We hear one every 15 minutes. Thankfully rail lines and freeways were able to reopen today.

Sadly there are still 17 fires burning in Gippsland so the worst is not yet over.

Okay. Time to look at something on the stitching side. I have managed to make progress with The Gail Pan embroideries. This is one from January. I still need to remove some of the guide marks.

I have also started a quilt from Hatched and Patched called Dancing Chickens and Flying Pigs.

This is the first block.

No, the outside lines are not crooked. I just didn’t smooth the block flat.

I am now looking forward to a cooler week as are many in our area.

Cheers, Karen

15 Responses to March Fires.

  • When I saw the fires on the news, I was wondering if they were close to you. I hope that you are still safe!! I especially like your flying pig block….it is so cute!!!

  • Gale C. says:

    Need to start the Anni Downes Pigs Fly! You’re an inspiration. Be safe.

  • Linda Dutch says:

    Love your stitching! Stay safe x

  • Kyle says:

    Those wild fires are so scary. Thank goodness for those brave firefighters. Hope the rains come soon.

  • Raewyn says:

    That’s terrifying Karen, it must be very unsettling to have the fires so near. Unbelievable what a great job the firefighters all do. Your stitching is lovely. We’ve been doing DCFP at work – I keep wishing I’d joined in as it’s such a lovely quilt – your first block is gorgeous.

  • Fiona Robinson says:

    the fires were in our news… horrific. great projects… the bird heart on the green backing is so effective. I’m a big fan of Anni’s quilts and that one is just so much fun… your lovely handiwork shows it off so well too…


  • Jenny Benton says:

    Bush fires are a terrible thing, and I’m sorry to read that your area is close by the fire. Guess heavy rain is needed but that probably won’t happen just yet. The fire people do such a great job in such dangerous conditions. Keep safe.

  • Lou Heron says:

    I hope they get those fires out soon.
    Your stitching blocks look great.

  • Joan says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about the fires. Such a sad reminder of Mother Natures power. You have to feel for those who lost their homes, and the rest who deal with all the smoke. Hoping for rain for you soon. In the mean time…you have been stitching some fun things! I love the pigs! LOL!!

  • How frightening!! I hope the fires are out soon.

  • Oh my how terrifying Karen! So glad you are safe. Yes our firies are definitely heroes of the highest order! I love your projects…Anni’s is so cute xxx

  • Warm Quilts says:

    From a fire-prone region in California, our hearts go out to all of you with the wildfires. Your embroidery and stitches (especially the pigs) projects are beautiful.

  • Lyn Rootes says:

    Stay safe, those fires have been devastating. We went through bushfires in Tasmania late January and the devastation of bushland is vast. I think this is what we can expect every summer now with increasing temps and lack of rainfall.

  • Jeanette says:

    Love your blocks. Stay safe with all the fires happening in your area. Hugs, xx

  • Karen, sorry about the fires, and so close. I especially feel for the 7 families that lost their homes. Your stitchery is wonderful. Keep on stitching.


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