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Embroidered Hearts.

Posted on | January 23, 2011 | 2 Comments

Over the past few weeks it has been a hive of activity in our house. We have been busy painting two bedrooms, cleaning carpets, decorating and setting up furniture. In the process I have managed to sort through a few storage boxes that have been waiting  for over 3 years since we moved in. It has also made me catch up on a few UFOs that have needed very little work.

This embroidery has been finished and only needs framing. So at this stage I will have several items to be framed in the next few weeks.

One of the big tasks I am working on is sorting through all my craft magazines. I have been collecting them for nearly 30 years and I think I have kept every one!!! They filled a complete bookshelf. It is interesting to see how magazine content and presentation has changed. It has also been very easy to put a lot in the pile to go out. I  am sure I will only keep 10% of them.  Lots of space for all the new ones!

2 Responses to Embroidered Hearts.

  • Alison says: The hearts are lovelly Karen Im glad that you are finally framing them. :-)
  • Joan Kawano says: That is really pretty! You sure do keep yourself busy :-) Having just purged my bookshelf, I can testify that it is a great feeling. Our little quilt group had a swap, where we all took our "stuff" and shared with who ever wanted it. Leftover magazines, went to Goodwill, which re-sells them and the quilt books went to the library.

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