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Easter Stitching.

Posted on | April 12, 2020 | 11 Comments

Happy Easter!

Regardless of what is happening in the world, the days still roll by and we reach special dates. I hope many children around the world get to have some fun celebrating Easter.

I enjoyed using my Bertie’s Springtime as a backdrop for pictures today.

This was a Bonnie Sullivan pattern.

I realised I had several stitcheries traced for Easter that had not been completed, so they were moved to the top of the queue.

I think this is a Red Brolly pattern.

This is also from the same designer.

They in their hoops ready to go up on the wall with the other recently hooped embroideries.

There are some Hot Cross buns warming in the oven, and I think the Easter Bunny has been visiting too.

I hope you have a special day.

Cheers, Karen

11 Responses to Easter Stitching.

  • Raewyn says:

    All of your Easter goodies are just that, goodies. I haven’t seen those designs before (I think!) and they are all delightful. Glad to hear you enjoyed some hot cross buns and Easter eggs :-)

  • I seem to have missed several of your posts!!! These Easter designs are so cute. The bunnies all have such whimsical expressions on their faces!! I hope that you had a wonderful Easter holiday!!

  • I never make seasonal items, then I see yours and think I should, then go back to my ordinary doings. Goodness, I need three more lifetimes to do all the things!

  • I love your sweet seasonal stitched decorations! I hope you had a blessed Easter!

  • White Rose says:

    Hi Karen oh wow i love your easter projects and your stitcheries are just perfect,so good to keep up with your work now

  • Linda Dutch says:

    Berties springtime quilt is delightful! And your stitcheries are so sweet! I’m doing a spot of embroidery too, its not perfect but it does make me smile, as do your bunnies!

  • fiona says:

    your place looks lovely for Easter and I love the Springtime quilt…. so fresh. I love the stitcheries done in hoops… I think I need to get a few and do the same…. lovely idea

  • Joan says:

    Bertie’s Springtime is sure the perfect backdrop for your sweet stitcheries! We were just talking about hot crossed buns last night. My grandma make them for Easter all the time, and my kids have never had them. Guess I need to find a recipe!

  • Oh, too cute! I miss Red Brolly, Bronwyn was such a talented designer.

  • Lou Heron says:

    Lovely Easter Projects.

  • Susan Snooks says:

    How is it that I have never seen your beautiful Spring quilt before!? It’s a gorgeous quilt Karen! The spotted half square triangles are the perfect borders for the lovely applique! And as always you embroidery is great too!


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