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A Finish For Round The Garden Path.

Posted on | July 18, 2021 | 11 Comments

Finally after many months, maybe years, I have finished the embroideries and quilting for Round The Garden Path, a design by Fig,N,Berry.

Once the embroideries were complete and the blocks put together, I had a good play with the quilting.

Each of the eight outer blocks were quilted in a similar way.

I was able to pebble quilt inside the embroidery circle and inside the hexagon border.

This held the block securely and didn’t interfere with the embroidery.

I also didn’t want to take away from the embroidery outside the circle.

The centre block was a different matter.

Pebbles in the pathway. Clouds in the sky. Squiggles in the garden. I did a little bit of outlining in the houses hold the larger pieces firm and some cross hatching to let the roof sit flat.

In each of the house corners I overlapped loops to cover three of the four quarters.

Once that was done I added a mini hexagon where the blocks met.

I also repeated the loops around the border between each block. And finished each corner with squiggles.

I used a Liberty fabric for the binding. It was the same as one that was used in the hexagons.

The backing fabric was a bit of fun, too.

So there we go. Another quilt completed.

We are back into another (hopefully short) lock down here. No complaints from me as it looks like this delta variant spreads like wildfire. I get my second vaccine jab in two weeks so am not ready to be out in the middle of crowds just yet. It is cold and wet outside so I am happy to stay in.

It gives me plenty of time to decide what to do next.

Have a good week.

Cheers, Karen

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