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Spots and Polka Dots.

Posted on | March 11, 2011 | 16 Comments

Another Colourful Friday has arrived and Robyn has asked us to look for spots and polka dots in any colour.  This is rather dangerous for a patchworker because you can never have too many of these in your stash! I had to make sure I only took a handful off the shelves!

I did find a few other things around the house, too, that fit the bill. Visit Robyn at Daisy Quilts to see how dotty the participants have become!

Of course there are buttons. These have not even managed to escape their packaging, yet.

And this little guy has shared the spotlight before, but I thought he fit  the theme perfectly.

I am in the process of making several of the bunnies for Easter.  The pattern was in Homespun magazine last year.

Some spots for a cuppa when needed.

Last, but not least, of course, the fabric.

There was only more thought for a photo of spots – me.  I am covered in them — well, freckles, really.  But then I decided just to leave it as a thought!

Have a wonderful spotty and dotty weekend!

16 Responses to Spots and Polka Dots.

  • Jan Quigley says: Wow I love those buttons!!!!! & bunny is too cute. :-) Great fabric stash. Still have to take my pics, I've been waiting for a bright, sunny day & we finally have it.
  • Teresa says: ooooh love all your spotty things... but I have to say that cute Giraffe and bunny are my faves!
  • Mandy says: OMG, your photos are gorgeous, loving your buttons and fabrics but you reminded me that I had started one of those cute bunnies last year, time to get him out. Thanks so much!! Mandy :)
  • Anita Hayes says: Hi Karen, You have quite a collection of dots!!! I adore the giraffe, how cute. Kind regards, Anita.
  • michelle rag-tag stitchin' says: I love your fabric stash and buttons. Yummo! and giraffe and bunny are so cute!!!
  • Fiona says: oh what fabulous spots and dots finds ... they are all so great.... I haven't seen those buttons before... such fun!! Hugz
  • Robyn says: Oh Karen, love all your spottiness!! From the must have buttons to the cute cute giraffe... a very fun post! Love the 'freckle' thought too *grin* Happy Spotty Friday from one dotty player to another :p
  • Sunnybec says: I am sat here open mouthed, look at all that fabric!!!!!!!!!! LOL I love everything, especially the cute bunny and oh those buttons. Hugs Linda x
  • Rebecka says: Great photos of Polka Dots. I really love your buttons. The bunny is a cutie! Great collection of photos! Have a wonderful weekend.
  • Marilyn says: I LOVE your giraffe, and that rabbit is so cute. Beautiful bright spots everywhere.
  • Sweet Cinnamon Stitches says: LOL were thinking of putting a photo of yourself on for being spotty & I was thinking of putting myself on for being dotty....LOL!! Loved your fabric stash...& the bunny is sooo cute...must see if I have that magazine. Happy Colourful Friday! Cheers....Jane.
  • Joan Kawano says: Wow, your are all spotted up! I love em all. The buttons are very cool. Almost too pretty to open! :-) I love the giraffe! And those fabrics. Yum Yum!
  • lyn says: Hello Karen, Happy Spotty Dotty Friday...enjoyed seeing your collections...especially the buttons...Warm Regards, Lyn
  • Carol Hansen says: Fabulous spots. The buttons, giraffe, bunny and cups are fabulous.
  • madame samm says: it was Pauline from QuiltnQueen...that shared news about you
  • madame samm says: What a lovely place down under....your creations are scrumptious...I sent in a note..but it if ever you would like to be a guest at stash manicure to showcase your goodies the door is open

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