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Friday Colours.

Posted on | June 17, 2011 | 12 Comments

Joining in with Robyn for Colourful Fridays is a lovely way to brighten up the end of the week. Visit Daisy Quilts to see all the lovely colours.

This week we are hunting for orange and blue.  I found a few things with the two colours together, but the rest involved playing.

Of course I found fabric!

A very bright shirt of mine.

Some vases. They really need some flowers.

Some oranges and bottles for the orange juice?  And there’s a familiar face sneaking in, too!

A quilt from a long time back using quite a few blues and oranges.

There are always buttons and floss to match every colour.

How many pairs of scissors are there in this house? And the paper cutter.

I had one picture that didn’t end up happening. Some of the trees out the front are a beautiful orange and I was hoping to photograph them against a blue sky. No luck – clouds all week.

Have a lovely day.

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