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Colourful Friday Favourites.

Posted on | January 28, 2011 | 11 Comments

Colourful Fridays are back and this year they are happening every fortnight, giving more time to search for those special colours. Take a visit to Robyn at  Daisy Quilts to see all the lovely colours today. Why not join in!

To start the year Robyn asked us to show our favourite colours. Oh dear! Where do I start? I love every colour of the rainbow. And I love them in bright, pastel, country etc. However, I will try to tie myself down. I suppose bright colours are a big preference and so within that I do love the primary colours plus green.

So for today I will have all the brights in red, yellow, blue and green. These colours are evident in my home in stained glass windows, quilts and of course my fabrics.

I have deliberately made myself limit the colour choices otherwise this post would go on forever.

Have a wonderful colourful day!

11 Responses to Colourful Friday Favourites.


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