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Bears In Boxes.

Posted on | August 11, 2011 | 6 Comments

Another picnic day has arrived. Time to visit Melody at The House On The Side Of The Hill to join in the picnic.

I was searching for a particular fabric the other day when I found this piece covered in gorgeous bears. I have used it on several occasions but still have a good metre left to use when I find the right project.

I have also been hunting up some projects that need finishing. In the bear box I have a lovely bear pattern all cut out and waiting to go. This is beautiful fur and the colours are vibrant. I hope to have the bear and the tree ready for Christmas.

I do hope you can stay warm and cosy for the picnic today.  Have a lovely time.

6 Responses to Bears In Boxes.

  • elliek says: Love the fabric and I'm sure you will get the bear done before Christmas. He's cute
  • michelle rag-tag stitchin' says: Oh Karen, I think I am in love Christmas and a cute teddy *sigh* Looking forward to seeing him born!
  • Rosalie says: Hi Karen, that is a great photo of the bear fabric, and Nicholas the Christmas Bear will be lovely, looking forward to seeing him at a Christmas picnic, the weather should be good by then too. cheers R.
  • Teresa says: That little Christmas bear is so cute... I look forward to seeing him finished too. He looks like fun to make.
  • Melody says: Thanks so much for coming on the picnic today. Lovely bear fabric and as an incentive I'll send you a little present if Nicholas is at the Christmas Picnic. Hugs
  • Joan Kawano says: I tried to post the other day, and my internet was acting up! :-( So you are teasing us with yet another wonderful fabric. I love bears and can hardly wait to see what you decided to do with your special piece of Teddy fabric. The little Mohair guy will be so cute when he's done. It reminds me I have a pattern buried in some dark corner, of winter bears on sleds. Wonder just where that might be. It has never seen a needle put to it, that I know!

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