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An Incredible Surprise!

Posted on | August 9, 2013 | 16 Comments

This is where I have been during the past week.

I have had the craziest week I think that I can ever remember! I didn’t know we were going to the snow until 2 days beforehand. I also had no idea who else was going.

A brief explanation is needed.  It is my birthday next week and it happens to be a good one – one with a zero.  No big plans – or so I thought.

We had planned to visit our son, DIL and grandson last week. They live a couple of hours away from us. We headed down there as normal to stay overnight.

Imagine  my surprise/shock/delight  when I walked in the door to also find our other son, DIL and 2 grandies who had flown in from the USA to surprise me!!!

They had been planning this for a long time and to their credit did not slip up once. I had absolutely no idea!!!

Just having all our family together in the one place has to make for the best birthday!!


Okay, what does all this have to do with the snow? That was the next part of the surprise. We were all booked to spend time at Mt Hotham. So off home we went, packed and headed off.  We all stayed together in the one lodge having a wonderful time.  We had plenty of snow falling each night making a great cover for use the next day. The big kids went skiing or snow boarding.  The two older grandies had ski lessons and the youngest had fun on a toboggan.


Testing the toboggans and getting a ride on dad’s skis.

Watching Harry the Snow Dragon at the ski school.

Loved the icicles hanging off the roof.

These trees looked beautiful in the snow.

We also took a ride to Dinner Plains and enjoyed the scenery. In one area there was a playground and the two sculptures caught my eye – a stainless steel brumby and emu.


That is only the beginning! Many more plans are now in place. I am going to make the most of having all our family together in the one country for a month.

Cheers for now.


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