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Welcome, 2023.

Posted on | January 16, 2023 | 9 Comments

Summer is in full swing here in the New Year, 2023. We have started having our hot days at last, but the garden is surviving and so are we.

There has not been a lot of quiet time, but I have managed to get some quilting done.

This was a simple quilt with Aussie animals in each block.

It has ended up a little bigger than 50 by 50 inches. Colours are a bit tricky on sunny days, and the wind kept blowing. But that is all part of it.

I did a lot of straight line stitching around the blocks, then did some echo quilting around each animal.

I had to add in a couple of plain blocks to make up the numbers so chose this pineapple print. I then quilted the outline of a kangaroo in each. Unfortunately I can’t pick those up in my photo. But the grand kids had fun finding them hidden away.

I have lots of fun fabrics I know I am never going to get around to using in quilt blocks, so I am planning to use them in backings. This was a good start.

This is a far better indication of the true colours on the back.

I have at least two more quilts sandwiched and ready to go. And believe it or not, I am working on some Christmas projects. Not sure if I am too early or too late. Regardless, I will enjoy them.

Happy New Year, Cheers, Karen

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