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Views And Windows.

Posted on | February 17, 2014 | 14 Comments

Big smiles here. Our computer is back after convalescing for 10 days. Happily, it is now working better than ever.

I had just finished my Kitchen Windows quilt flimsy and was ready to post about it when the computer decided to stop.

So here it is.

Sunburnt Quilts - Kitchen Window

Love these fabrics. The pattern is from Elizabeth Hartman’s book, The Practical Guide To Patchwork.

Sunburnt Quilts - Kitchen Window

It is at the LAQ now, so I have to wait patiently.

This is the view that we have had in much of our state last week.

Sunburnt Quilts - Kitchen Window

That is not fog – it is smoke. At one stage there were 150 fires burning in our state. Lots of damage and 40+ homes destroyed. Thankfully no lives lost.

Most fires are now out, but for a week or more the air was filled with smoke, even though the fires were not near. Winds and light rain finally cleared the skies over the weekend.

I am looking forward to catching up with my blog reading and being able to comment and reply.

Hope your week goes well.

14 Responses to Views And Windows.

  • Love your kitchen windows! We are soggy here from rain and snow melt. Wish I could send you some of it!

  • Raewyn says:

    Your quilt top is cool:-), hope you don’t have to wait too long for it to be quilted. I’m interested to know about the fires now – are they all out – have the temperatures cooled and rain come? Our ‘mini’ fire we had recently showed me just how scary it can be.

  • joan says:

    Looks like I missed another post. I am not sure they are coming up in my google reader all the time. I know that Google stopped supporting, it, but I just can’t make myself use Bloglovin or Feedley most days! LOL! I love your Kitchen windows quilt. So bright and cheerful. What great fabrics. These fires are so common all over the world it seems. So much damage, and so long to recover from it. Glad you are safe and sound, at least.

  • Pokey says:

    It’s good to see your computer has you back online, but it didn’t slow down your creating! Your kitchen window quilt is cool. Good choice on the bold b/w borders.
    I’m sorry to see so much devastation with the fires. The air will clear eventually, but fires leave such a sad scar on the land for a while ~
    hugs, pokey

  • So glad you’re back on line!! I love the quilt! Those are fabulous fabrics and the colors are just beautiful. You did a great job on your quilt!
    I hope the fires are all out. Its always sad and scary to see so much land burning.

  • Astrid says:

    Love your kitchen window quilt! Great fabrics/colors. Sorry to hear about all those fires and homes lost… good to hear no lives lost.

  • Bev C says:

    Hello Karen,

    Ooh your quilt is so bright and lovely. You don’t often see orange in a quilt but this makes it pop.

    Hope the smoke has cleared up, that gets right into my throat and lungs.

    Happy days.

  • Denise in PA says:

    I love Elizabeth’s book and want to make those blocks sometime! Stay safe – glad to hear the fires are mostly out! Makes our snow/ice issues seem irrelevant! Hugs

  • Fiona says:

    Great to have you back on line … Your quilt is stunning … And so glad the fires are out …

  • Rachaeldaisy says:

    I love the fabrics in your quilt too, they look great with that quilt pattern. It’s truly awful to hear about the fires. Thankfully no there’s no lives lost.

  • Shez says:

    wow Karen your blocks look fantastic,hate the smell of smoke it gives me sinus,have a lovely evening my friend.xx

  • Lesley says:

    Your quilt is wonderful! How modern and fresh! Sorry to hear your region is experiencing such devastating fires…we have so many natural disasters on this planet of ours. Wishes and prayers for better days ahead. Stay safe!

  • marina says:

    Your new top looks fantastic!
    I love the fabrics with white/black borders.they really pop.
    We were living in a fog last week too, it was such a relief when it lifted.

  • So good to see you back here! And the windows are so pretty! Sorry about the fires. We’ve had times like that here where smoke was in the air for a long time. Not fun at all. Hope you don’t have any more of that!


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