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Seeing Stars.

Posted on | July 24, 2013 | 14 Comments

I am finally seeing some quilting finishes. This quilt is full of stars and is based on a pattern called Happy Birthday in the Memorable Scrap Quilts book. The name is appropriate because this is a gift for a birthday.



This quilt was made using lots of bits and pieces from my stash. Only the background fabric had to be puchased.



There were two basic blocks – the star and the square. I was surprised at how quickly it came together.



I had this one professionally quilted in a very simple pattern of swirls and stars – of course!



I like the way it looks in the border, too.



As you well know, one of my favourite views of any quilt is when the sun is shining in the window creating lovely shadows showing off the texture in the quilting.



I will finish off with something a little different. Guess who has been busy spinning and knitting again? This time it is with Alpaca wool/fleece.

14 Responses to Seeing Stars.

  • Frances says:

    Beautiful quilt!!! I LOVE scrappy quilts with a white or cream background!!

  • Suz says:

    Great quilt finish Karen! It is such a pretty pattern and all the better when it (mostly) comes from your scrap stash! And the quilting is wonderful too!

  • Anita says:

    Hi Karen,
    Wow! What a super special gift that is. Just adore the beanies, they’re so cute.
    Cheers, Anita.

  • Fiona says:

    Oh it is just fabulous… I adore it……scrappy quilts are just fantastic and mixed with stars.. perfect and lovely beanies too….

  • Denise in PA says:

    Sorry – I had Jewel Box on my mind! I meant that star pattern – LOL!

  • Denise in PA says:

    Very pretty – and I love the quilting! Jewel Box is one of the first quilts I ever made – almost 20 years ago. I should revisit that pattern!

  • Pauline says:

    OMG, the ‘Happy Birthday’ quilt is beautiful. What a great pattern for all our scraps. Luv the marbled background fabric. The little hats are darling…you spin too!! You are a lady of many talents. Have a wonderful day Karen!! Happy stitching, Pauline

  • Rachaeldaisy says:

    I love this colourful star quilt!! What a great pattern for scraps!! Super fun quilting too! Whoever receives this will love it to bits!! Love your beanies too, the yarn looks so soft and pretty.

  • Karen, I love it! It looks fairly simple, too. But how beautifully it all came together, and the quilting is perfect. I like the hats, too.

  • sunny says:

    Ya know, if I’d spend less time looking at everyone else’s quilts, and more time in the sewing room, I’m sure I could make beauties like this star quilt. I love it! ANd the little hats are adorable.

  • Pokey says:

    This will be a wonderful birthday gift! Gotta love the happy colors and stars ~

  • This quilt is just beautiful. I love how the scrappiness makes it sparkle. And the quilting is awesome too! Nice finish.

  • Shez says:

    wow Karen you are so clever i love this quilt and what an awesome birthday present it will make and those 2 hats are so cute,well done.xx

  • Sunnybec says:

    Absolutely love your quilt! I want to make one now, and a fabulous way to use up your scraps. Hugs x


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