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Making Progress.

Posted on | April 27, 2015 | 17 Comments

It’s cold! I am trying to adjust to the quick change around from being hot and wearing short sleeves, to swapping into sweaters and shoes. This is only in a matter of two weeks.

Time has been well spent finishing off a quilt top.

Sunburnt Quilts 2015 - April (1)

This is a Viv Robinson design. Lots of raw edge applique. I have to check every block to make sure I have not missed any detail, then plan the quilting. (Just found a reindeer with-out eyes!)

It uses lots of fabrics from a variety of ranges from Lynette Anderson – plus a couple of others.

So, lots of thinking to be done.

The next part of the post is for Shez and Fiona who wanted to know what shopping I had done at AQC.

The photos will explain all.

Sunburnt Quilts 2015 - April (3)


Sunburnt Quilts 2015 - April (2)


Sunburnt Quilts 2015 - April (8)


Sunburnt Quilts 2015 - April (4)


Here are some of the lovely projects from the book.

Sunburnt Quilts 2015 - April (7) Sunburnt Quilts 2015 - April (6) Sunburnt Quilts 2015 - April (5)

I need to increase my supply of wool for these applique projects. A good aim for the next few months!


Have a great week and keep dry and warm


Cheers, Karen



17 Responses to Making Progress.

  • Linda King says: Love your quilt top! looks like you found some great treasures on your shopping trip.
  • shez says: wow Karen i love this quilt,its such a lovely design ,oh how exciting i love all your new purchases the xmas blessings pattern is adorable,love it and this book i wont to buy popping over to book depository now,thankyou for sharing my friend xx
  • cheryll (gone stitchin) says: I LoVe what you are playing with at the moment... but I always LoVe Christmas things. Great fabric choices too. Fantastic buys as well xox
  • Christine M says: Your quilt looks great Karen. Lovely purchases.
  • marina says: beautiful Finish Karen, really stunning! Well done on your finish a lovely stash of goodies from aqc. looking forward to seeing you make some treasures from woolly bits.
  • Rachaeldaisy says: What a beautiful top, I've never seen that pattern before, it's got so many beautiful details. Lucky you remembered to give the reindeers their eyes. You found some great new patterns and pretty fabrics. Winter is the perfect time for collecting pretty wool pieces.
  • Suz says: I think I have just worked out that you LOVE Christmas! The Wendy WIlliams book looks fabulous! The birds on that sewing kit are just too cute!!!!
  • Joan says: Nothing like a bit of cold weather to make you want to keep inside and stitch. Looks like you have some wonderful projects to keep you busy now that the weather has changed. :-)
  • sunny says: LOVE your Christmas quilt! It looks like you picked up some pretty nice stuff for future projects, too. Does the reindeer have eyes now?
  • Lesley says: Karen, your Christmas quilt is fabulous! Love seeing all those pretty purchases, especially love that, you will be busy this winter!
  • Fiona says: I just love that Christmas quilt.... just stunning.... haha... great shopping... I do love seeing what people get and that wool book is great... do you want some of my self felted blanket wool... it's a bit thick but might help your stash? (not sure if I've offerred or sent before!!!) x Hugz
  • Raewyn says: Your quilt is gorgeous!! Looks like you had a great shopping adventure, I was gong to say it looks like you had Christmas on your mind, but there were a few other non-Christmas things bought as well!! Where will you start?!
  • Cheryl says: Love this quilt of Viv's Karen. In fact I just got mine out again at the weekend with the idea of finishing it this year. Lots of yummy purchases
  • Mary says: In case you didn't get a big enough (and fabulous) haul, you're already thinking of the wool you'll need to make some of the projects in the haul! A vicious circle, vicious, vicious! We just can't have enough....ever! Please tend to the blind reindeer...
  • Kelly says: What great goodies you have! I love that book, looks like lots of fun things to make. It's finally warm here...mid 70's. 80's next week.
  • Astrid says: Your quilt top is amazing! Love it! Lots of small details. A bunch of wonderful goodies you have bought! Fun thing to make.
  • Astrid says: Your quilt top is amazing! Love it! Lots of small details. A bunch of wonderful goodies you have bought! Fun things to make.

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