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Hello May.

Posted on | May 1, 2018 | 15 Comments

May is the middle of Autumn for us but today is still a short sleeves day. No complaints from me!

I may as well start the month with a finished quilt. These have been few and far between but hopefully I am back on track with these.

This is a basic pinwheel quilt made using a jelly roll.

So it ended up at 64 X 64 inches.

I decided it was time to learn how to do swirls with my quilting.

That was an interesting exercise.

I knew they were hard from previous experience and this time round was no different.

I may have to develop my own variation for this one as it is going to take a while to master a true swirl.

I am not complaining, just observing.

The backing was pieced with several greens.

And the binding was a green batik.

And while all this was on the go I made 4 bags to hold bike helmets. They are lined with a very tough upholstery fabric to prevent the helmets getting scratched or dented when in the back of the car.

We have had a run of birthdays in the last few weeks – all grandies. A couple more oldies to go and then a short reprieve. Always good fun.

Have a lovely week.

Cheers, Karen



15 Responses to Hello May.

  • shez says: Hi Karen,boy you have been busy I love your swirls your quilt looks fantastic,well done my friend xx
  • Cheryl says: Hasn't this weather been amazing Karen. Love your pinwheel quilt. Great, effective way to use a pretty jelly roll. Great job on the quilting
  • Kaholly says: Flour quilt looks great, as do your swirls. Practice makes perfect. I confess, swirls aren’t my go to motif! Bags for bike helmets! That’s an ingenious idea! Enjoy your pretty fall weather.
  • Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting says: Great job on the swirls!!! I think we each have our own version of swirl-looks, just like our handwriting. Your quilt fits so nicely in that spot for a hanging photo.
  • Preeti says: Beautiful colors and the quilting is lovely!!!
  • Jenny Benton says: The experts make fancy machine quilting look so easy, but I struggle with keeping the movements smooth. Your swirls look great to me.
  • Susan says: Gorgeous quilt finish Karen! Love the colour palette!
  • Fiona says: Love your quilt Karen, I also find swirls a challenge.... getting the sizes (big swirls are hard to control) and then fitting into the gaps. The finished effect is lovely. Great idea for the bike helmets too... Hugz
  • Astrid says: Lovely quilt and great job on the swirls! I have yet to try. :) Great idea to make bike helmet bags.
  • Jeanette says: Love your quilt. The swirls look great. Hugs,xx
  • sunny says: Love the quilt! I think your swirls look pretty good. I played with the letter 'C' on a quilt last week, and love the way it turned out. I will be using it more. Your helmet bags are a really good idea.
  • Raewyn says: A great way to start the month - with a lovely finish! Congratulations on the completion and the great looking swirls! The helmet bags a good idea. We've just tipped into long sleeves weather this last week - and the mornings are definitely a little cooler now too - brr!
  • lou says: I have to say, we're having pretty warm and settled weather over here in NZ too. Your swirls look good, do you quilt on a frame or free motion?
  • Linda Dutch says: A lovely quilt! I like your colour combos, and your swirly quilting is great! (I'm a straight line kinda quilter, so v.envious!)
  • Linda at Roscoe's Ma says: Karen, I love your quilt! It's so pretty and the quilting is wonderful. I've never done swirls...I am a straight line quilter with a walking foot. Great job!

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