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Donation Quilts – A Joint Effort.

Posted on | October 20, 2019 | 14 Comments

One of my weekly groups is an embroidery session and through it I have met a lot of people and made many friends. Recently one of the ladies brought in a set of 16 embroideries that she had completed several years back but no longer wanted to use – no grandchildren of the right age any more. She wanted to give them away but nobody was able to use them for their own families either. So I suggested to her that I take them and turn them into a donation quilt.

I have been participating in a couple of sessions for Snuggle quilts. It is a group that makes and donates quilts to children who have long term stays at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. They also accept quilts that have been completed. With that in mind I took the blocks home and turned them into two quilts that met the size requirements that they needed.

I used eight of the embroidered blocks in each quilt, then built them out with sashing and borders to reach 40 X 48 inches in size.

Her embroideries are beautifully stitched.

I made the second one in a similar way, just with a different colouring.

You may recognise the embroidery design as All Creatures Great and Small from Natalie Bird. I had used these designs in my own quilt earlier this year.

I was able to show these to my friend when they were completed and she was delighted to see the blocks being used.

The quilts will be passed on to Snuggle Quilts this week.

I was delighted to be able to work in tandem to make these quilts. Who could resist those delightful embroideries?

Cheers, Karen

14 Responses to Donation Quilts – A Joint Effort.

  • Joan says:

    What cute embroideries. I know someone is going to absolutely adore their new quilt. That’s a job well done!

  • Some child will absolutely love this!!! Well done!!

  • What a beautiful job you’ve done of sharing your friend’s delightful stitcheries with a worthy cause!

  • Lou Heron says:

    They look great, the green one really pops.

  • Smart idea to split the blocks so you could get two quilts. I love that you have two colorways. It’s fun to see how differently a quilt can look and so easily. They are lovely and such a great cause!

  • Linda Dutch says:

    Such lovely quilts, love all the cute embroideries. They will be loved & well used I’m sure.

  • Susan Snooks says:

    How generous of you to finish these into quilts to giveaway Karen! They are delightful and I am sure they will be loved!

  • Fiona Robinson says:

    two gorgeous quilts there.. great use of the embroideries and I love how you made up the quilts and finished off with the quilting. I have that book… one day… as they are delightful stitcheries

  • Linda says:

    Absolutely gorgeous embroideries, so cute and whimsical! You have made a super job turning them into two delightful quilts. Win win on all counts: your friend can enjoy seeing all her work put to good use, you have the satisfaction of making two lovely quilts, and the children in hospital have the joy of Quilty snuggles.

  • How wonderful and they are such happy colours…sure to help raise spirits x

  • Kyle says:

    Those Snuggle Quilts will be loved by some sweet kiddos. The blocks are wonderful and you put them together perfectly.

  • Sheryl says:

    Hi Karen wow they both look fantastic and how wonderful that you made those stitcheries up into a quilt they will both be loved for sure,its a very kind and loving thing for you to do my friend xx

  • Jenny Benton says:

    Youve done a great job with those cute embroideries, turning them into two lovely quilts. Will be appreciated by the recipients, and your friend will be so p,eased to see them used for such a goid cause.

  • Karen D Martin says:

    How wonderful that you were there to receive those blocks from your friend and then make them into two darling quilts! I know they will be loved!


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