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Colourful Gum Nuts.

Posted on | August 12, 2020 | 13 Comments

Although I am making several quilts in lock down, this probably represents the situation best of all.

It shows how I had to make do with what was here. I started off with a collection of fat quarters of each of the fabrics. I found the gum nut fabric at a local craft show then noticed they also had fat quarters in batiks which matched the colours of the gum nuts. I took a wild guess at what I would need and bought a selection.

A couple of years down the track and I decided to make a quilt. It really tested out my maths skills to get a design that worked. In the end I realised that whichever way I went it was going to be tight. My biggest problem was the blue – not enough. Thankfully, I found a piece of fabric in my stash that matched the blue in colour but not in pattern. I bit the bullet and used it. Then I found I was short on the gum nut fabric. I needed to piece together scraps to make just two of the remaining rectangles.

So this is the end result. It ended up as a small bed quilt in size.

I didn’t have much of a worry with the backing as I had a lovely piece of green I had picked up on sale. There was enough to use for the binding as well.

I used straight line quilting each side of the main seams. At least I kept that part easy.

Even with all the hiccups along the way, I do like the end result. The colours are vibrant and cheerful. I will keep it on display for a while as the days outside are overcast and grey. This will brighten up the studio.

Good to have another finish!

Cheers, Karen

13 Responses to Colourful Gum Nuts.

  • Raewyn says:

    Well done on the finish – and they way you had to make do – it all looks like you planned it exactly that way! The gumnut fabric is a really sweet one.

  • Linda Dutch says:

    Yes! The different blues really create lots of interest!

  • Great quilt and even better knowing that you used what you had and made do!!! I have a wonderful quilt that my grandmother made and there are several blocks that are completely different. I am sure that she ran out of fabric!!! It looks great!!

  • It always feels gOOd to cut it close but still get a WiN doesn’t it. A job well done.
    It’s bright & cheery on these winter days.

  • Don’t you love when you can make it work? I really like the gum nuts fabric, though admittedly I didn’t have a clue until I looked closely at the picture. In essence, you created a “free” quilt and it’s really striking. It should brighten your studio beautifully.

  • Karen D Martin says:

    Your quilt turned out so cute–I would never have guessed that you had to “make-do” at all. I’ve never heard of gum nuts and had to look them up. We don’t have them here, but they make a fun print!

  • Well done! I would have made a mess lol! It has come together beautifully and is lovely and cheery xx

  • Fiona says:

    I love the quilt.. those colours just all go so happily together with that gum nut fabric… definitely a happy quilt…

  • What a bright happy quilt! And I’m pretty sure if you don’t confess your faults, no one will notice. ;) Quilting for those who have gone before us was about making do and using up what they had. I think you did a beautiful job!

  • Jenny Benton says:

    Very nice, I like the way the colours travel across the quilt. Lucky that you had just enough fabric left to be able to piece together the last couple of rectangles.

  • What’s a gum nut? That sure is adorable background fabric. Great job doing the math and making due! The backing is perfect, too. I love your colorful quilt!!!

  • White Rose says:

    Hi Karen you sure did well making all the fabrics do,it looks great and what a wonderful way of using fabrics in your stash. Stay safe and take care my friend xx

  • Maureen says:

    Hi Karen….waving from Canada!
    I love this colourful quilt….it just shouts happiness! Great work.
    I wish I could say I’m being as productive in the quilting department during all our shut/slow downs, but alas, not. But productive with lots of other things. Making the best of new found quiet-ness.
    I hope all is well with you & yours. We’re half way through our summer & it’s been so hot & humid. I’m not complaining (too much) but it does hinder outside work.
    Stay safe & healthy!


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