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A Good Weekend.

Posted on | June 8, 2015 | 19 Comments

We have a long weekend courtesy of the Queen, so Monday is a holiday.

I have spent my long weekend rediscovering more projects that had been put aside.

Nearly two years ago I had started the Fernhill BOM from Lynette Anderson. I made good progress with the stitcheries, but then stumbled when the mini quilt had to be constructed before the final four blocks could be completed.

That has now been rectified. The blocks have been pieced and added to the stitcheries.

Sunburnt Quilts 2015 - Fernhill (3)

The next four blocks have been added so that the applique work can now begin.

Sunburnt Quilts 2015 - Fernhill (2)

All the applique pieces are cut and ready to go.

The next project to be revived was the Disappearing Pinwheels quilt. I had made 16 blocks for a small quilt, but then decided it needed to be larger. So I set to work making more blocks. But it still wasn’t quite what I wanted until I decided to set it ‘en pointe’.

Now I am happy with the way it is going.

Sunburnt Quilts - June 2015 (4)

A simple pillow case was next on the list. I had a few pieces left from the dog quilt. I had to do a few calculations and some juggling, but the end result was a matching pillow case.

Sunburnt Quilts - June 2015 (5)

Yes, lots of shadows, but if I had gone outside for the photo, I would have been blown away.

Here it is with the matching quilt.

Sunburnt Quilts - June 2015 (8)

I seem to be collecting a lot of panels and really need to start using them. But I also noticed that a lot of them were for bunting. How can the children use them if I have not stitched them up? So I started on those, too.

Sunburnt Quilts - June 2015 (10)

One lot stitched, just needing tape across the top.

And more to come.

Sunburnt Quilts - June 2015 (1)


Sunburnt Quilts - June 2015 (9)

There is also holiday bunting and another RW&B  to go.

This has been a very satisfying way to spend the extra day at home.

Cheers, Karen




19 Responses to A Good Weekend.

  • Bev says: Hello Karen, Catching up on blog reading, love the sheep on the blanket on a previous post. What would we do without UFO's it is so much fun to bring out these projects and watch how we change them to suit us. Have fun sewing up the bunting they are lovely and bright. Happy days. Bev.
  • marina says: well done on all your projects!! beautiful stitching, pinwheels and adorable bunting! a wonderful way to spend the long weekend
  • Rachaeldaisy says: I don't think I've seen bunting panels before but you've got quite a collection. You're doing so well getting through your WIPs, The stitchery one is so cute, I just know applique is going to add even more cuteness! I really like the pin wheel blocks , and how they come together to create a wonderful overall pattern,
  • Shez says: Wow Karen ,you sure have been busy my friend,I love all these projects,you do such beautiful work xx
  • Cheryl says: Love your Fernhill quilt Karen. Lovely things you are working on at the moment
  • Joan says: Wow, wow, wow, you have been busy. I love your projects as always. Such a sweet stitchery, and those disappearing pinwheels are just so fun. While the shadows may not make for great photos, they sure add drama to them. Love it. I haven't started collecting panel prints just yet, but I've sure seen some cute ideas for using them on quilts... I might have to start doing a little more "collecting". I will try to not blame it on you in my mind when I do. :-) LOL!! I see some really "spoilt" grands! tee hee.
  • sunny says: My goodness - what a productive weekend. I love the stitchery quilt.
  • Linda King says: You certainly have BUSY FINGERS! Love your stitchery.
  • Fiona says: oh my you did get lots done.. aren;t those just lovely stitcheries.... glad to see that is out and your pinwheels quilt is so happy and fresh.... love the buntings ... do you back with felt and pink to get that edging... looks so effective... Hugz
  • Christine M says: You've been really busy, Karen. I love your Fernhill stitcheries. You'll have a banner for every occasion soon!
  • Teresa says: Wow....well done... you accomplished so much. Don't you just love long weekends and sewing? Just love your disappearing pinwheels. The colours are just so fresh and gorgeous. I love the way you've finished off your bunting too. Good on you xx
  • Kelly says: Your embroidery is so beautiful, of course you must finish it up! I have never seen those bunting panels, great idea!
  • Elaine/MuddlingThrough says: Pretty pictures, even with the shadows, and I've never seen pre-printed bunting. Your stitcheries are beautiful.
  • Carla says: The disappearing pinwheels is gorgeous ! Those are the fabrics I'm using in my Farmers Wife quilt and it's at about the same stage. I should really find that.....
  • Anita says: Hi Karen, You and I must be twins....I found a heap of projects just yesterday that I finished off. Actually I forgot I even had them!! Love the projects you finished and are working on. The fabric's are gorgeous!! Cheers, Anita.
  • Lesley says: Your Fernhill quilt looks great in those colours! Those disappearing pinwheels are wonderful too!
  • Raewyn says: Gosh a good weekend alright! You've made lovely progress all round :-) I especially love your disappearing churndashes - looking great on point!
  • Susan Snooks says: Lots of lovely sewing action happening down your way! I love how you have turned the disappearing pinwheels on point! That is a great look! And what fun bunting! Happy days!
  • Mary says: Wow! I wish I could make that kind of headway on a long weekend! The disappearing pinwheels is well-named, I had to look to find them. I've never seen the bunting fabric but, gosh, it's cute! I'll catch up with my blog reading soon. I really want to see what else you have going on.

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